Mr. and Mrs. LTSL

It's just me...

After all of my ranting, raving, photo-taking, complaining, laughing, crying, tummy-butterflying & counting down on Facebook, twitter and Instagram



*cartwheels – cartwheels – fireworks – fireworks- sparkles – annnnd dance*

Yes, it feels that stinking good!!

The most magical day of our lives was shared with family and close friends. It was the fastest, most topsy-turvy, scream and laugh at the top of your lungs emotional roller coaster for both Mr. LTSL and I… and now, I can officially call him Mr. LTSL. It was a bitter-sweet ending of a 7-year chapter of our lives but the most welcomed once upon forever.   After partying the night away until our feet hurt, swimming in endless drinks, stuffing our faces with amazing food, and sparklering with our nears and dears, Mr. LTSL and I whisked away to paradise on our honeymoon …..


And now we’re back.

Back to reality, routine & being our own little Twosome-familia. Which can only mean a bunch of happy-sparkly-good things.

It means:

  • I’m BACK TO BLOGGING… I’ve missed you good-looking kids!!
  • I’m back in the kitchen – a brand spanking new kitchen …. With countertops you’ve never seen … and a balcony that I can get natural light from ( WINNING LIFE!!)
  • I’ve got tons of new kitchen gadgets and tools and trays to make fine and dandy things for you.
  • I can mail things to my home-famila to eat instead of keeping them in my home ( mwhahaha – super sneaky, but ohhh so good)
  • This is real life … not just a weekend home … but my everyday, come home before the sun sets, warm cookies fresh from the oven, getting comfy on the couch home!!
  • I get to experiment with new dinner ideas for two – learning to cook small quantities is an art … I’m not an artist … aka if you’re ever in my hood … stop on by neighbor-rino and feel free to highjack my refrigerator or cookie jar(s) !!
  • And of course I saved the best for last WE HAVE A DISHWASHERwooo hoooooooo!! 

Soo… I made dinner for us, just the two of us as our little two-some familia for the first time last night – nothing crazy, nothing fancy, but La-deee-daaahhh … guess who offered to do the dishes??


You mean, I get to cook, and get craycray in the kitchen – and you’ll do the dishes?!? HOLY JIMMY-JAMMIES I love this man!!

I can’t wait – be sweet ladies and gents


This Girl, That Guy and Their City

It's just me...

If you like me on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram it’s no secret that I’m a true Toronto girl at heart. I’m always spreading the word of what’s happening – new culinary corners – the best of the best in the city.


I take pride in my city, I love what we stand for, I crave the sweet smells of our delicious restaurants, my ears light up on Friday evenings during the summer, when the bag pipe player begins his song at the bottom of bay street, my eyes glaze over as soon as I walk into St. Lawrence market — I love every nook and cranny – so much to explore, with never a dull moment in site.

And though I’ve traveled quite a bit, seen different towns – been to larger cities – nothing quite compares to our skyline –quite gets me as excited as exploring queen west – heading down to liberty village – or getting a little chic in Yorkville. I guess it all started when I was little … we would always come downtown to just hang out … no real purpose in mind, just to relax and spend some quality time together as a famila. And we did. 


We would wander around for hours … find ourselves in the strangest places … once we stumbled into the Roy Thomson Hall for free and caught a show, because it was their anniversary – tons of memories and totally ingrained in who I am as a young lady.   

Ironically, I grew up for the most part in the suburbs and only really started spending the greater part of my time downtown Toronto when I began working.


Until now… 

This girl. That guy. Our City.

Our home. Our new chapter. Our Happily ever after


I can’t wait. 

And this also means good news for you crazy cupcake loving kids – it means I’m so much closer to normalizing my life – I’m closer to being back to blogging regularly, back to crazy concoctions … except this time, it will be in my —  our — kitchen.