Wisdomist Wednesday: Stress Relief


Life can be tough sometimes.

Whether you’re 5 or 95, sometimes the going gets coo-coo for cocoa puffs!!

Think about it:




Final Exams


Making the soccer team

Earning a spot in Band


Finding a job that you like


Family commitments

Work commitments

Financial commitments



Living a healthy lifestyle

Getting enough rest


 With trying to create a balance of all of that at any age – it can be FREAKING HARD!!

So, what do you do to cope with life’s stresses?

 Some days, I’ll be honest – I just want to give up! I want to throw in the towel and call it quits … I want to jump into bed, fall asleep and pretend it will all be better when I wake up. I’ve come to learn, that while I get in some extra snooze time, by doing this … the issues never actually just disappears. It’s really how I decide to deal with all of it.

 Growing up, I used different tactics – talking to family members helped a lot. I would also read, to take my mind off whatever it was that was bothering me. As I grew up, I began making “pro and con” lists to help me make decision – I made actions plans, focusing on what I could actually control – I set goals for myself .

 Now, to relieve stress … there are a bunch of little things that I do. Things just for myself, instead of focusing on pleasing everyone else ( HOLY MOLY THIS TOOK ME A LOOOONNNG ASS TIME TO LEARN how to do … and I still haven’t come close to mastering it!!).

 I’ve recently started keeping a journal. To me, it’s sort of like talking to someone. Except, the person you’re talking to just listens – there’s no response. You don’t have to be kind – you don’t have to watch your p’s & q’s .. I just write, anything – everything – whatever is on my mind … good or bad. It helps me relieve emotional stress, and at least get out into the world whatever it is that’s clogging my mind.

 I also bake/cook. As crazy as this may sound, when I’m in my kitchen – I’m in my world – I’m in my groove. I get relief from creating something delicious, then sharing it, and experiencing the emotions of others as they indulge in whatever it is I’ve made. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – cookies work wonders!!

 For the last couple of years, I’ve also worked out. I hate it. I will never ever ever love working out. And the reason, when I head to the gym or decide to do an at home circuit – I get my behind kicked.every.single.time. But that’s also why I do it. It’s physical.  Most often I have to drag myself to do it – after though, I feel a million times better. This may be me all in my head, but there’s something about pushing my body physically to it’s limits – feeling a burn – physically stretching my body out … that helps me release life’s chaos.

 I’ve also found myself accepting a lot of life’s challenges. The fact of the matter is shit happens. Live, learn, laugh.

 Sorry for the babble today – it just seems as I look around a lot of people near and dear are feeling the pressure these days … and if I could, I would reach out and hug every single one of them. I would also remind them that stress isn’t bad, in fact – it teaches you just how amazingly strong you are and how intelligent you can be when making life choices.

 You do you boo boo, you’re damn good at doing you!! … sorry – just when you think I could be serious, I go and ruin it.  I want to know though, what do you to escape when need be?

Wisdomist Wednesday : Friends

I got a call last night

A good call – no need to worry!!

A familiar call .. I get this call pretty often – at least once a week.

And if not a call, a text message – a silly e-mail. Sometimes it’s not words – sometimes it’s a picture to make me laugh.

Sometimes is a song on my voice mail.

Sometimes it’s just a wink – or “xoxox”.

No matter what, it brings a smile to my face.

And reminds me that I seriously have the best friends in the world.

During the process of planning the wedding, besides the emotions of personal change I was feeling – one of my biggest fears was loosing touch with my friends. I thought the potential of not being able to talk as much, see each other as often or continuing to share our stupid jokes would all be blanketed by the new life I was about to begin ( Read: DRAMA QUEEN).

I was wrong.

Sort of …. Do I say my friends all the time? – nope.

Do we talk as often? – actually I think we talk more … we actually have STUFF to talk about now. Important stuff … like what we had for dinner … and lunch… and dessert. Not, he said – she said stuff.

Are there people that have kind of fallen out of my life – yep.

On purpose … nope.

As I get older ( you know, since I’m super close to be a geriatric … hello old age pension!!) I realize that having a million friends means nothing as close to at least having one amazing friend. I’ve also realized that friendship – is a relationship … ( I know, revolutionary stuff here!!) it takes 2 to make it work.

If I’m always calling you … I’m going to start to feel like I’m bothering you… and I’ll probably stop.

Just like, if you’re always calling me, and I’m making no effort – punch me.

Friends are pretty rad – hugs yours often, tell them you love them, make them laugh and if they’re really awesome – make them cookies and then hang out so you can scarf them down together.


Be wisdomist this Wednesday my inter-web friends!!