Welcome Sweet Hearts

Welcome to my world … a kingdom of butter … sugar… flour…friends…family and lots of laughter.

When you think about it, what more could you want out of life? Give me a cookie, good friends, an amazing family and the ability to laugh everyday and I could dream of nothing more. Pretty sweet, huh?

You know what else is sweeter than a Willy Wonka sugar high? I started a blog!! *yaaaa-hoooo*!! Get ready to sink your teeth into extremely decadent and indulgent deserts … savour some irresistible dinner ideas and along this ride (as you will soon learn) brace yourself for my very random and “unique” qualities (you’ve been warned.. another warning.. I ramble a lot – but if I do, it’s probably because I like you and want you to know my life story so we can be best friends forever =) ).

I’m here to complete one simple mission …

  • Marry a mix of Mr. Karl  Lagerfeld & Mr. Jean Galliano … he must have Mr. Tom Ford’s style and Mr. Clooney’s devilishly good looks. He will bring me breakfast in bed every Saturday morning… and we will taste everything life has to offer – together.
  • Shop forever. You name it shoes … clothes … baking trays (I have a baking tray addiction … it’s one of my many addictions :$  … don’t judge – I’m rambling, remember that means I like you)
  • Eat cookies until I’m publicly known as The Cookie Monster. Cookies make the world go around … and they will lead to world peace. Cookies have and will always be my bestest friend. They’re just so warm and yumm-tastic!! – Chocolate chip – Peanut butter – Oatmeal raisin …. filled, rolled, sandwiched ….Ohhhh mmmmyyyy wooorrrrdddddddd!!!
  • Taste the entire world. Confession: I LOVE food. Love is an understatement – – I not only eat, when I’m eating – – but my every taste bud and sense is married to my every bite. Yepp, it’s serious – – I have a huge crush on all that is edible.
  • Laugh forever … even when I’m old and senile and a little mean (just give me a cookie – it will make my old little wrinkly heart happy)

Oh yes and one last little detail about my mission… I also will take over the world!!

So sugar pies … let’s get this oven hot!!

– stay sweet xox

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