Well That’s Random…

Hi Sugar Blasters!!

I hope you’re all doing fine & dandy … for all of my readers that are celebrating gobbler day today – –

Yahooo for turkey, pies, and carbs galore 🙂 lol.

Also (and most importantly) Yahoo for good health, family, friends, everyday miracles and cookies ( I may have just slipped that one in there… but I am really thankful for cookies :$)

Earlier this week, I was reading Rosie Alyea’s Blog (http://sweetapolita.com/blog/)
*Note: Roise is pretty much a genius.. every time I take a moment to read what she’s got going on … I die (of happiness… and sprinkles). If you want delicious cake… cute little girlies and just a little pick-me-up – – ROISE!!*
… yep, she’s that amazing!!

After reading her post of randomness… I had a little inkling that between gobbler courses you might need a little breather … and so, my sweet loves I present to you 25 super-duper random things about me!!

oh but before I begin … if anyone continues reading my blog after this post- I know you’re super-cool-amazing and pretty much willing to put up with a hot mess (I didn’t know what that really meant until recently … and now I kind of wish I didn’t refer to myself as such :S)

Movvvinnnggg Onnnn….

1) When I was 4, I told my parents I wanted to grow up to be Italian. It’s true, I did… and I’m a little older than 4 now, and I STILL want to grow up to be Italian. Do I really need to elaborate? – pasta. – pizza – cheese – wine – TIRAMISU and all Italian families always have a cute and cuddly nona making cookies!! See, pretty sweet deal – huh?

2) I really like socially awkward people – I think they’re pretty cool and that probably has a lot to do with the fact that I’m pretty socially awkward, I just don’t know what to say or do half the time.

Which brings me to 3) I was never the cool kid in school … in fact I was more of a floater – – I talked to everyone – – and had a few close friends, nothing to brag about.

4) When I get mad at someone I go kung-fu ninja on them in my mind. In real life, it would bother me to hurt a fly… but in my mind, trust me when I say I’m a serious badass!!

5) When I love – – I love whole heartedly, without any hesitation and with my entire being – blindly. Always. That includes Mr. LTSL, my two best friends ( I would seriously die for these ladies), and my family. And cookies … I wouldn’t die without cookies, but my life would be so meaningless.

6) My dad is my everyday hero – – I am kind of daddy’s girl , but that man is truly one of a kind. He honestly puts up with so much drama from me (sarcasm, making fun of him, telling him to randomly buy me ice cream because it’s a nice thing to do, randomly telling him to tell me I look cute – when I buy a new outfit.) He’s amazing … really.

7) The best advice I’ve ever gotten was, every morning look in the mirror and smile to yourself. As your day goes on, act as you’d like, say and do as you please as long as at the end of the night, you can return to that mirror and smile at yourself once again. <– pretty deep huh? My mom told me that. She's amazing … more than amazing – – that woman is the best thing since cookie jar ice cream.

8) My favourite ice cream in the entire world… and I've had lots of different flavours is Cookie Jar ice cream. Small chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies jam packed into French Vanilla Ice cream. O.M.G YESSS!!

9) I still watch Saturday morning cartoons. Sometimes, when it’s on t.v – – I’ll also still watch sesame street.

10) Monday – Friday at noon, I try my very best to eat extremely healthy. Fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meats – – you name it. Friday night – sunday … all is fair in love and war – – and I LOVE cheese, and bread, and cookies, and cheese … and cookies.

11) My mom is more like my sister ( I know that sounds weird), we have one of the most amazing relationships EVER!! And I am forever thankful for her in my life. I really am, the woman I am today because of her (she’s pretty much worth giving up every single cookie in the world – – no, universe. Yep, she’s fantastically-amazing)

12) I make up words pretty often. I actually just hyphenate words, making it one word to covey what I’m trying to say. Examples: Yumm-tastic (yumm + fantastic) Fancy-pants (when things are just really cool), wicked-cool-amazing ( this is as good as it gets, if I say you’re wicked-cool-amazing, you’ve pretty much made it to the top of my list of being cool).

13) I love clothes more than shoes. I seriously have a clothing addiction – – and I’m not ashamed. I really need every piece in my wardrobe (even the ones that still have tags on them :$)

Don't lie - - you know, this dress is AMAZINGLY CUTE!! *cough - santa- cough*

14) My love of baking, is equal to my love of politics. I went to school, and graduated with a degree in political science. It’s a weird mix, but politicians and cakes rock my socks equally.

15) I have FAR TOO MANY blog crushes… seriously, a TON!! And I check their blogs daily, secretly (or not so secretly) wanting to be their BFF ( you know, but not in a creepy way… in sort of like a ‘ hey you bake, I bake …omgomgomgyou’reamazing’ kind of way)

16) I’ve never worn red lipstick … ever. I think it would make me look trashy. Note bloggers : Be classy, not trashy.

17) My ideal friday night, is spent in my kitchen with music blaring and my baking. If I’m not doing that, I want to be in bed … I LOVE to sleep!! Seriously – – I do!!.

18) I have a HUGE celebrity crush on George Clooney, I’d be his friend but never his wife. I honestly believe one day, George Clooney will meet me and want to date me. I’d turn him down, because I know he would later leave me. He’s SUCH a bad boy – – but SUCH.A.HOTTIE. Who am I kidding, I wouldn’t turn him down 😦 HOOOTTT!!

19) If I could only eat one meal a day, for the rest of my life it would be breakfast – – and there would be greek yoghurt, homemade granola, cranberry preserves & pancakes (aka pank-a-doodles … another made up word of mine)

20) Christmas is my favourite time of year, not because it’s coming really soon – but because I still believe in all the magic surrounding the day. I still leave milk and cookies out (for my parents to eat), I still make a huge fuss when the Santa Clause Parade comes to town. Not to mention the turkey, cookies, cakes, breads, stuffing, family, friends, laughing, staying up all night, traditions. I LOVE IT!!

21) When I was younger, I wanted to pierce my nose. My mom said no. I didn’t. And I AM SO THANKFUL I made that choice at the time.

22) I don’t wear much make-up, but never leave the house without at least eye-liner and mascara.

23) I am ridiculously accident-prone. I walk into walls all the time, I’m forever tripping over my own feet – – classy!! lol.

24) I treat myself to an extra-large hot chocolate every.single. Friday. It’s my way to say *YAY – you made it through the week without actually going kung fu ninja on anyone and you didn’t kill yourself by doing something stupid.

25) I secretly (not so secretly) want to grow up to own a little café, selling home-made goods, in a little town where everyone knows each other. Also, part of that dream is to rule the world – – I like to be practical.

And that’s – that.

Thanks for reading cutie pies
Stay Sweet 😉

4 thoughts on “Well That’s Random…

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  3. Amendment to #5: you have three best friends the last i counted 😛
    Amendment to #16: Wippie!!!! you’ve found a shade of red that looks amazingly Classy on you 😉 you should wear it more often!

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