Happy Birthday To My Main Hype-Man!!

Happy Birthday Pop-sicle!!

Today, My Main Hype-Man – – my dad is celebrating his birthday!!

Yahooo * Cake * Balloons *Dinner out among the city lights!!

Many people say, they have an amazing dad – – and they’re probably right, but MY dad – – He’s EXCEPTIONALLY-AMAZINGLY-FANTASTICALLY-COOL!! Look at those sunglasses, can he BE any cooler?!?! I love this man. Really. No one can, or ever will compare.

He’s patient.

He’s funny.

He’s far too caring.

He loves endlessly and without judgement.

He wears his heart on his sleeve and would turn the world upside down for those he cares about most.

My every dream and wish whether to take over the world or to stay in bed all day, is supported by him and I can not thank him enough. He makes me proud to be his daughter and gives me faith that there are actually good men out there. He never disappoints and I would never want to disappoint him.

I know we have a pretty special relationship as father and daughter. When I was little, I would look up to him in amazement knowing that no matter what – he could fix anything. And he did. I’m able to talk to him about things no one else would ever understand. He allows me to dream big and never settle until I’ve touched the stars. I know im gloating  – – but he completely amazes me 🙂

The First MANY Father-Daughter Tequila Shots in Cancun

So, here’s to you my pop-sicle – – Happy Birthday!!

Thank you for being my super hero every single day. Thank you for each laugh we share, each time you wiped my tears,  and your constant support. You’re SUCH a good man. I don’t know how you do it. But I thank you forever and ever to the moon and back – twice.

I love you Dad – you will forever be my main man – and I will forever be your little princess.

Happy Birthday you Crazy Crazy Man - - you make my life perfect!


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