Happy 25th Birthday My Angel

I’m lucky enough to have more than one best friend.

I actually have three.

Each of them holds a special place both in my heart and in my life. These three women have seen me at my very best – – and at my very very very worst. And still 10 years later, we stand by each other’s side.

It’s just us, no matter what. Forever. Together to the end.

And today, I dedicate this little note to one of my best friends. My very own angel, on earth. My angel, also known as PandaPants within our little group is celebrating her 25th birthday today. You can ask anyone who knows her personally – she truly is panda-riffic, cute – cuddly and she gives the very best hugs!! She’s smart – she’s beautiful – she’s hard-working – determined – strong ( I could go on forever!!) … heck, if I were a guy I would marry her in an instant knowing I would forever live happily ever after.

She’s the type of young woman, everyone wants as a best friend. Always willing to go that extra mile to make you smile, she wipes my tears when I’m sad – she makes me pee my pants laughing at our stupid antics. She’s holds my hand when I’m scared and gives me the confidence to be a better person each and everyday. She truly is my angel. And though, I would do absolutely  anything to keep her in a bubble – – so no one could or would ever hurt her – – I know she’s an amazing woman and can definitely hold her own.

I admire your will power, and your tenacity to always be the very best you. I love your witty remarks, and your snappy little come backs. I love how you’re a beautiful person both inside and out. I admire your kind heart, and your willingness to rid the world of evil. I cherish you more than you’ll ever know. You truly are my little angel, always guiding me – protecting me – taking care of my every desire.  Thank you. Thank you a million-billion-zillion-trillion times over and to the moon and back twice (lol that’s a lot :P)

The two of us have grown up together, making mistakes , laughing until we cry and crying until we laugh. I am so proud to call her my best friend.

Panda & Me, just lunching like two ladies do

Today my panda – on your 25th birthday… I wish you happiness that lasts forever … I wish that you always have a reason to smile … and that our friendship lasts until we are old grannies, gossiping over coffee (not that we don’t already do that 😉 lol). I wish you love, that gives you silly giggles. I wish you warm cuddly hugs — I’ll always be here to give them – – even if I randomly attack you and hug you 🙂 lol.  I wish you good health, I wish you’re always surround by a wealth of friends. I wish you sprinkles that glitter like the starts and extra chocolate, so delicious you feel like you’ve just left willy-wonka’s chocolate factory.

Sweet Kisses

I also wish that we always laugh together, always have random desert nights at Williams. I wish that we can always call each other sisters, instead of just friends. I wish we get the chance to see each other take over the world, even if just in our own little ways. I wish us both a lifetime of late night dancing – make ups – break ups – mess ups and hook ups. But most of all… I wish us a forever,  that mimics the past 10 years.

You mean the world to me. And so, my live (lol :P) – – Happy Happy Happy 25th birthday. Cheers to our good times, cheers to the nights that we’ve spent complaining to each other, cheers to our hits and misses. Cheers to another 100 years of being the very best of friends. I love you, and would gladly keep you forever 😉



11 thoughts on “Happy 25th Birthday My Angel

  1. I agree..this is such a sweet post. Thank you for sharing the love you have for your friend. I hope we are all lucky enough to have someone like her in our lives!

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