Happy 25th Birthday to My Miranda

Remember how I told you guys im the luckiest little lady in the world, and I have the pleasure and honor of having 3 amazing-tastic phenomenal best friends. Well today I celebrate another one of their birthdays!! *woot woot* – cue the fireworks and brrrinnng on the caaakkkeee –


( that’s of course not her real name …. but she is a kiwi and she is delicious :D) 

Today, my darling Kiwi turns 25!! Kind of a huge deal, when I’ve known her for about half of her life. We’ve seen each other grow up – – made endless mistakes together, laughed until we’ve pee’ed our pants, and held each other tight as we cried . We’ve been though the very best – – and stood strong through the very worst. I love her unconditionally, and only wish her unless success, happiness and love…. forever.

It’s funny when I think about it, the first day of high school was the first time the kiwi and I ever spoke – -we went to the same elementary school… but let’s face it, she was faaaarrr tooo cool for me ;). So, there we sat – on the school bus of our first day of high school. The conversation was WEIRD to say the least, forced almost – -we kept asking each other how our summer’s were – – that lasted the entire 45 minutes 😦 .

Today, this woman knows every detail of my life …. sometimes maybe a little too much ;). The truth is, I’m pretty convinced she knows me better than myself half the time. She’s exactly what I need in a best friend. She’s honest. She’s hilarious. She’s always willing to listen and give constructive criticism when I’m messing up my life. She’s frank – but does it with a gentle kiss. I’m seriously in awe of her every motion, and idea of exactly what it means to be a progressive woman in today’s world. 

Over the past years, what stands out the most is our extremely odd and random moments together. Late night talks, running around the city, trips across the country, crossing boarders, the men we’ve seen – – ohhhh the men!! The stupid pick-up lines we’ve had to hear – it’s the food we share – – the drinks we’ve toasted. It’s the tears and tight hugs. Some how – – we’ve managed to find ourselves ( and worked our way out) of some pretty sticky situations. I can look back and laugh now – – but I can’t help but wonder how in the world we made it out alive.

The Kiwi is different from each of my other best friends. She see’s the world through a different set of designer sun glasses – – she’s careful, calculated and it’s caused her to be the successful powerhouse she is today. You know that entire dream of taking on the corporate world, being a beautiful and successful woman decked out in a power suit – high heels – perfect lipstick and with every hair in tact. For her – – it’s not a dream …. it’s her every day reality. And I’m not naïve – – I know she works her cute behind off, I know it takes strength – it takes sacrifice – – but she does it. And she has and will forever succeed.

To me, she sets her eye on a prize and does whatever it takes to get there. She’s unstoppable. I respect her tenacity  of all of us, I want to believe she’s the most realistic – she doesn’t take anything or any one for granted. She knows that if she wants to get to the top (whatever that may mean) she’s got to fight. And fight she does. She’s the one I go to when I need to get my head out of the clouds. She grounds me and reminds me that we each have a purpose – own it, live it, love it.

When I think about it, she’s my Miranda.

Miranda – as in the sophisticated, sassy and career driven wonder woman of sex and the city. Just like Miranda, Miss Kiwi is very much career driven – she’s adorable – knows what she deserves and will not settle for less. She can be cynical – – but I call it being realistic ;). She’s the practical one in the group, and our needed and ever so necessary voice of rational. She’s loving. She’s bubbly. Modern, yet classy and classic. She’s the exact mix of wit – love and intelligence. I adore her, I really really really do.

And so my little muffin, Happy 25th birthday. Here’s to laughing until we’re old grannies … sitting in Williams, still discussing how messed up girls dress  – commenting on how amazing it would be if Mr. Clooney was our boy toy – – and of course complaining about how twisted our little world is. May we forever request doubles, dance until we need to be dragged home and have each other for support. You’ll always be my little crack monster … I love you and wish you a forever of rainbows, sprinkles, love and kisses.

xoxoxox times infinity

p.s Through writing this post, I’ve discovered we’ve been too busy living life to take pictures together WTF, kiwi – wtf?!?! … I still love you 😉 

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