Sunday’s with Joy : Blackberry Ginger Scones

Rise and shine sunshines….

I’ve got something that will rock your pj’s to the moon and back a million times over!!

I want you to meet someone…

Children of the playground, meet ….


 You know that girl in highschool,

the one that was cute – popular, but not unapproachable 

– she was a smartypants, but not a dork

– she had her head held high

and could carry both an elegant ball gown  or hang out in a pair of old jeans and a white tee …

she was sweet

she was funny

she dripped in coolness, but it never went to her head.

You know the one I’m talking about…

Well, that’s how I picture Joy to be.

This woman is the epitome of cool 🙂

She’s as cute as a button. Real. Honest. funny.

And,  it sounds like her apartment looks like a page from the anthropoligie  magazine.

Grab your high heels, this woman is about to take over the world  lip gloss and all!!

And I now have the pleasure of exploring her brand spankin’ shiny cookbook with a group of fellow bloggers.

Every sunday, join us as we dive into the wonderful world Joy The Baker Cook, each week making one selected recipe from her very first (and hopefully not last) cookbook.

You’ll notice this post, is a little different – though it’s me bringing you lovely people a yummy treat … there is no recipe. See the thing is I REALLY REALLY REALLY want you guys to go out and buy Joy’s book – you can get it hereor here or here, like I did :).

Trust me when I say, it’s one for your collection. Joy masters turning the everyday into super-fantiastically-special. She adds her touch of class and a splash of colour to make this book one of my all-time favourites. This book has it all.

First up to the plate – – Joy’s Raspberry Ginger Scones.

One minor little alteration – – I used blackberries. When I visited my favourite market, raspberries were 5.99 for a small basket. After fainting at the price, and the farmers attempting to gauge my eyes out and rob me …. I opted for blackberries ( lol, I’ll see what I can do about my dramatic nature 🙂) I also attempted to cut my scones in the shape of a star, because morning’s are a little more special when your food is in a fun shape. The last little alteration I made, was I sprinkled cane sugar on top of the scones before baking them – – it adds a great crunch and all stars should sparkle :).

Other than that – – this is one hundred percent joy!!

Blackberry Ginger Scones

 + +

  1. *major berry squish-age*

*alakazam – – wishy – – washy – – sprinkle sprinkle – – magic magic  * <— that’s the spell to make scone bake …. but you already knew that 🙂


Enjoy your sunday my loves, cuddle up near the ones you care about most – laugh today – enjoy life’s little miracles … like fresh-baked scones slathered in butter and a hot cup of tea.

Stay sweet


13 thoughts on “Sunday’s with Joy : Blackberry Ginger Scones

  1. mmmm these scones look to die for! i am not usually a big fan of scones, but i could not pass one of these up. Thanks for this recipe! I might just be hooked on scones after these. 🙂

    1. Lol sally, you’re adorable!! They didn’t last very long in my house at all… and normally I share the goodies I make – – these ones didn’t stand a chance to be shared 😉

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