Sunday’s With Joy : Brown Butter Blueberry Cake

There’s something major going down…

Right now

Right here

It’s happening and I’m positive there’s not much anyone can do about it.

Children of the playground – – Im talking about a revolution!!

Every man – woman – child – young and old … they are all uniting in their love and efforts towards a single cause


This stuff is taking over the world and in the words of Miss Katy Perry … I liked it.

Seriously, if you haven’t ever had brown butter … wake up and smell the nutty liquid gold.

Remember last week’s Sunday with Joy how I raved about how amazing and cool Joy, of Joy the Baker is … well, now I’m convinced she’s an angel – – she compared brown butter to heaven – – and to put it politely this woman knows her glorious goodies 🙂

This week I have some more joy to sprinkle into your life.

Dear I say, this week’s recipe was better than last … hard to believe … I know

– – but this one deserves a HOLY MOTHER OF YUM accolade!!

Brown Butter Blueberry Muffins …. made into a cake 😀

It’s pretty much crack in muffin form … and  because I know I have no sort of self-restraint, and while making the recipe, wanted to drink the brown butter all on its own … I made this recipe into cake instead. And then  I quickly gave it away.

… well sort of. I took it to a dinner party … and had a slice ( maybe two).

You’ll notice that I haven’t posted the recipe to this little beauty – – that because I NEED you to buy Joy’s book. Even if you just get it for this recipe alone





Buuuuyyyy iiiittt … hey, good idea – – buy it for your mom for mommy’s day, use it and then share the goodies. Can you say, DOUBLE WHAMMY!! 

Getting back to the buttery-business.. I made a couple of changes to joys recipe…

She made muffins – – I made her recipe into a cake

She used Granulated Sugar – – I ran out, so I used brown sugar

She used Vanilla – – I ran out ( I know you’re thinking, what kind of baker am I – – and I honestly have no idea 😦 ) I used almond extract.

Other than those teenie-tiny details, this loveliness is pure J.O.Y 🙂

Brown Butter Blueberry Cake


Enjoy sweethearts, have a joyful week


16 thoughts on “Sunday’s With Joy : Brown Butter Blueberry Cake

    1. 🙂 lol, it was one good cake!! If I had made it into muffins .. I KNEW I would be in a brown butter coma right now … it was hard to keep my paws off the cake, let alone if I could sneak away with individual muffins 😉

      Thanks for your comments xox, isn’t this whole Sunday’s with Joy thing tons of fun?!?!

  1. Love this adaptation! I used brown sugar too, and I honestly like it better! And I don’t know if you’ve heard of making your own vanilla extract (you can get vanilla beans in bulk on Amazon, for a really good price), but you should definitely check it out. I never buy it anymore. Much better flavor, and so much more economical.

    1. Thanks Ellen for your sweet comment 🙂 this was one of joys BEST recipes yet!!
      That’s a great idea about making your own vanilla !! I’ve seen the beans for sale, but I’ve always thought they were so expensive. I’ll have to have a look on amazon for sure!! Do you still use the same measurement of vanillia, when using home made?

  2. How bad is it that I’ve definitely bought my mom cookbooks for mother’s day with the sole intention of using them myself? Pretty bad. 😛

    OHHHHH this cake! I’m in love. Brown butter really is a godsend. Then again, so is Joy. Coincidence? i think not.

    1. LOL Joanne, I think it’s a fabulous idea … you could always say, you’re making the goodies for the both of you ;)!! Or you could say that you’re buying it so the two of you can cook together… lol either way, super idea!!

      And the correlation between brown butter and joy – – no coincidence at all. I can’t wait to continue baking through her book 😀

  3. LOVE that you made it into a cake. I was thinking it would be great in a bundt for coffee cake on Mothers Day this weekend…. might have to try!

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