Sunday’s With Joy : Pear and Ginger Chocolate Muffins

Life’s been keeping me really really busy lately – – busier than usual and I like/hate it … it’s one of those Yay-boo situations that I tend to find myself in. Actually, I love it more than anything else – but I miss sleep.

And I LOVE to sleep!!

I should probably just rename Sunday’s with Joy to Monday’s with joy. While I made this week’s recipe yesterday …  after making these muffins, I got busy with life… and then it was too late for me to blog about it.

And then I woke up this morning and it was Monday.

But what’s better on a Monday than muffins?

… muffins with chocolate 🙂

I’m all in when it comes to advocating chocolate for breakfast. Especially on day’s that you have to wake up early and hustle to work.

These muffins though, they pack a punch.




And… they’re vegan.

Wooo-hooo no milk, butter or eggs … but there is a secret ingredient.

If I tell you, don’t run away!


I smushed an avocado … yes, yes I did.

Of course I didn’t come up with this idea …

 Madame Joy did.

Her book.


… sorry, I know I just got a little bossy.

Originally, this recipe makes Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes.

And while, I would LOVE cupcakes, for breakfast – – I can’t justify it.

Well, I can’t justify it and have myself believe it.

So cut the icing, add some fruits and *bham* – – health food 😀 lol.


Pear and Ginger Chocolate Muffins

to the mixture, add 1 medium sized diced pear.

and 1 tbsp fresh minced ginger

Go ahead, jump in – – learn to love your muffin top 🙂 



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