Sunday’s with Joy: Strawberry Cookie Dough Frozen Greek Yogurt

You know how every Monday I come here and gush over how amazing Joy is – – I tell you she’s cute and funny … and would make such a great best friend.

I plead that you should go out and buy her cookbook, because I read it as my bed time story


to make sure I have sweet dreams.

Well, nothing is different this week, except – – I’m here to bring you my new-found love affair.

Sunday night got hot and heavy – – you heard me, it was an intense ménage a trois!!


Strawberry Cookie Dough Frozen Greek Yogurt

And A spoon.


Please tell me you want in on this action!!

If frozen yogurt doesn’t get you hot a bothered, Joy made Strawberry Cookie Dough Ice Cream in her book – – get to know it.

I knew just reading the title alone I would be in BIG trouble if I made a batch of the ice cream.

So I made a couple of adjustments, ( just so I would feel okay about getting personal with it 😀 lol).

I made frozen Greek yogurt instead.

CreamyYES . RichYEESS . HealthySUREE.

I doubled the strawberries and diced them into small pieces. Fruit = health food. Added fruit = more FroYo for me   😀 

I halved the cookie dough – but cut them in tiny pieces so I still got tons of cookie dough in each bite.

It’s all about tricking yourself … and it worked.

The verdict: There’s no more yogurt left 😦 

For the complete ice cream recipe refer to Joy’s lovely cookbook bible.

Or get crazy with your own frozen yogurt by using my recipe below.

Strawberry Cookie Dough Frozen Greek Yogurt 

Greek Yogurt Base

3 Cups Full Fat Plain Greek Yogurt

1/4 Cup Sugar

1/2 Cup Honey

1 Tsp Almond Extract

1 Tbsp Vodka


Mix all of the above together, until well incorporated.

Cover with cling wrap and chill for at least 1 hour ( I left mine over night )

Cookie Dough







The Final Master Piece 






I’ll leave you two alone now 🙂

Enjoy each sweet moment of bliss



15 thoughts on “Sunday’s with Joy: Strawberry Cookie Dough Frozen Greek Yogurt

  1. helllooooo mff (<– that's my new short-form for my favorite foodie, fyi), why do you have to use vodka to make frozen yogurt. i need some schooling 🙂

    1. LOL Sanju, I love you 😉 I find that when I use my ice cream maker and place the finished yogurt in a container to freeze, it always gets too icy. So I added the vodka – since vodka doesn’t freeze – to keep it smooth and creamy. I’m sure you could probably use gelatin instead or agar-agar.
      Even this was still a little icy, so next time – I may add a little more vodka, plus you don’t taste 😀

    1. Thank you my dear!! I think you may be in luck, a certain bloger I know may be giving one away VERY soon 😉 And this recipe is great for bikini season!! Best of both worlds if you ask me 😉

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