Sunday’s With Joy : Jalapeno Cornbread

I didn’t forget about Sunday’s with Joy, in fact my Sunday was ohhh sooo joyful that I didn’t get a second to blog about this week’s delicious recipe.

Summer made its presence quite clear this past weekend, the sun was scorching – my hair was frizzy and I wanted to make my bed in an ice box or hijack an ice cream truck

It didn’t happen.  


Instead, I relaxed outside with the LTSL familia over Bar-be-que and a couple *cough – emphasis on couple* Coronas. It was lovely.

And then it was Monday. And after such a Sunday – – I didn’t even want to hear the word Monday…    

So I’m here now – locked, loaded and ready to chit-chat about the deliciousness that joy presented in her book, for us to cook

*drum roll please*

Avocado Pound cake.

We were assigned to take the creamy luxurious texture of a fresh avocado and add it to a delicate pound cake.

But of course, I didn’t do that.

I DID use joy’s pound cake recipe.

But then I only used ½ sugar

Substituted spicy mustard for the vanilla

Added 1 cup of whole kernel corn

and 2 tbsp of fresh jalapeño

two magical turns and … instead of a delicate pound cake

I made a rich, dense corn bread that attached itself to baked beans, like a kid in a candy store.

Jalapeno Cornbread


Baked Beans


… that makes me one happy happy happy little lady.

Speaking of happy, ladies and aliens keep your eyes and ears peeled – – I have HUUUGGEE news and some fun stuff to throw at you *cough – giveaway *… soon. Friday 😀

Tata for now my loves


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