My Little Happy Place and a Triple Whammy Cookbook Giveaway

I’m sitting here writing today’s blog post from a very special place…

My kitchen.

Yes – I just said My kitchen. Now, I’m sure you’re not surprised, as most food bloggers hold their kitchen near and dear to their hearts.

It’s their playground of butter, sugar, flour – where creativity takes wind and they become a culinary magician.

My kitchen – – it’s a big deal.

Except today … my kitchen, isn’t Mama and Papa LTSL’s kitchen – – it’s actually

MY kitchen.

That’s right cupcakes – – I BOUGHT A KITCHEN!! … of course, there is an entire condo attached to it – – but none of that matters (… much).

Being that I celebrated a very significant birthday this year, I wanted to do something really special for myself. I had been saving and saving … I tossed around a million and one ideas of what to do and then I realized, all along this has been my dream.

By no means do I feel like I’m getting old or into that phase where everyone begins to mention the “M –word” *gag* , in fact many have claimed I’m extremely young to have my very own condo ( that looks so weird seeing it in writing :D)  – – but before settling down I have a bit of a to do list that I want to get done.

 It’s a list that comprises of things that I need to do for myself – before I can share my life with someone else … lucky for me Mr. LTSL gets it.

He just gets it.

The list covers everything from travel, to career opportunities to owning my very own condo.

And so – – I did it 😀

And I love it.

And it was HARD work – – remember when I said I needed some time away from life, let’s just say things were not going as smoothly with all of my condo plans. But now, that is well behind me and I sit here in my clubhouse 🙂

This is a big deal for me, it reminds me that hard work does pay off – it reminds me the importance of family and the necessity of being independent and chasing your dreams.

But there’s big things for you too!! Because I love you all – – and know that the support I have received from you is irreplaceable – – I’ve got some goodies to thank you!! 

You know how I’ve been carrying on an on and on about the amazingness that is Joy Wilson – – I’m sharing the love and her coolness ( seriously, it’s far too much for me NOT to share her … I secretly – not so secretly – want to be her BFF and drink brown butter for the rest of my life)

Also, all the cool kids are playing with Amy Atlas’s Book – – so hhheerrreee yooouuu go. If you look up design genius in the old dictionary you’ll see a picture of Amy. She’s cute huh? Well her book rocks my socks from here to the moon and back…. twice.

Last – – sit down for this one – I’ve had this cookbook on pre-order since the lovely Lindsay said she was releasing a cookbook. I counted down the days until it hit the shelf and when the package arrive I did the msn banana dance (you know the one I’m talking about). I’ve looked through this book drooling and dreaming about


I have nightmares that the cookie monster and I will fight over the goodies that I conjure up when this book and I make sweet sweet love.

You want it.

You need it.

Here. You . go.

Please note anyone / everyone can enter.

Please leave a separate comment for each step that you take

Please also provide a valid e-mail address for me to contact le winner.

It’s easy-peasy … there are 5 different steps to take to get these babies in your hands.  You can do just one – or every single one 🙂

You will have until Midnight on Friday June 22, 2012

1)      Answer the following question “ what is one thing on your personal bucket list that you would like to accomplish and when”

2)      Answer the following question “ what was your first big purchase?”

3)      Follow @LivinLovinSweet on twitter

4)      Subscribe to the Living The sweet Life Blog

5)      Tweet the following  ” OH MY CUPCAKES!! Gimme Gimme Gimme … I want to win The @livinLovinSweet triple whammy cookbook giveaway: ‎ “

Good Luck Cupcakes, have a lovely weekend 


79 thoughts on “My Little Happy Place and a Triple Whammy Cookbook Giveaway

  1. I would love to go back to work within the next 5 years. A chronic illness has held me back from entering the work force at this time.

    1. Sky dive!! That would be SO cool ~ I don’t think I would have the courage to take such a leap (;) ha ha ..) I hope you get a chance to do it. Be sure to come back and let me know just how amazing it was 😀

  2. My first big purchase was also a condo. I think that working towards the goal and seeing it succeed is just as great as actually making the purchase of your own first home. But decking out your own kitchen is also super rewarding. Congratulations!!

  3. 1) “ what is one thing on your personal bucket list that you would like to accomplish and when”
    Wow I had to think about this…hold my own art show…Spring of 2013…time to get my tail in gear!

    2) Answer the following question “ what was your first big purchase?”
    A Car of my own!!!! Don’t ask me how many years back it was…..LOL

    3) Follow @LivinLovinSweet on twitter

    4) Subscribe to the Living The sweet Life Blog

    5) Tweet the following ” OH MY CUPCAKES!! Gimme Gimme Gimme … I want to win The @livinLovinSweet triple whammy cookbook giveaway: ‎ ”

    I Tweeted the message!..:0)

    1. Thanks Hazel for your super sweet comment 🙂 – – An art show!! That’s SO COOL … what an accomplishment that would be 🙂 I wish you the very best of luck. Are you a painter? or do you draw? – – I would love to see some of your art 😉

      LOL – a car is so much fun. What kind of car was it?

      Thanks again for your comment xo

  4. 1) “ what is one thing on your personal bucket list that you would like to accomplish and when”
    Wow I had to think about this…hold my own art show…Spring of 2013…time to get my tail in gear!

    This was a really great question…we get so busy with the day to day life…that sometimes we forget to keep reaching for dreams on that bucket list, and so they get lost, or set aside and forgotten….but being reminded can get a person back on track to setting new goals, taking a look at what goals did we accomplish and do we need to set new ones…THANKS.

  5. One thing on my bucket list that I would like to accomplish is to run a 5k (then move on to bigger races!). Seeing as my husband’s company is hosting a 5k in November, I am getting ready to sign that one off my list this year! Yay!

    1. WoooHoooo Go SUNNY B!! Good luck with your run 🙂 – will you be doing it with your husband? Be sure to let me know how it goes when you complete it – – im rooting for you xo

    1. Thanks Allie for stopping by and entering the contest ❤ – – Moving to New Zealand, that would be amazing. Are you looking to move for a set time or would it be for the rest of your life? That sounds like a great feat to accomplish 🙂

  6. My first big purchase, excluding a car, was a house that I bought all by myself. Scary and exciting!

    For my bucket list, number one item is easy: go to a national pro-am dance competition, which I’m scheduled to do this August!!!

    1. That’s AMAZING … a national pro-am dance competition – – wooohoooo!! Good Luck, I hope you come back and let me know how it goes. What a great great GREAT accomplishment 🙂

  7. It wasn’t so much a purchase as an investment, but the money I shelled into securing I would succeed at my time living in the UK was definitely the most fruit some!

  8. Personal bucket list: to stand in front of a mirror proud to know that not only am i going to marry a wonderful man, but that i succeeded in working hard to look good when i do it! It’ll happen 09.08.2012 🙂

  9. Something on my bucket list is to visit Dubai and Bali, if I could do that in the next 3 years… that would be PERFECTION ❤

  10. My First big purchase was definitely my Condo as well! I bought it with the money I had saved since I was 14! Truly, my proudest moment! ❤

  11. One thing on my bucket list is to travel to Asia (Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Bali, to be specific), I hope to accomplish this within the next 2 years =)

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  13. My first big purchase was a guitar.. I was 14 and I wanted to learn how to play. I got bored of it after 3 months =\ it was terrible because I think it cost me like $300 which was a huge amount when I was a teenager!

  14. 1) one thing that I’d like to do in the next 5 years is to go to a European country.

    2) the first major item that I bought was my college education. Student loans suck, but totally worth it!

    3) done

    4) done

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