Sunday’s with Joy: Upside-down Apple Zucchini Cream-Cheese Cake

I dream of getting lost in the caramelized apples that top this lovely cake. I want to jump right in, and swim among the love created by mixing butter – sugar – cinnamon and the sweet juices from a fresh apple. Ohhh – to live such a life – it would be such a delight!

I made you a cake my loves!! And it’s healthy …okay, it’s really not – – but anything with fruits and veggies counts as healthy in my books … (yes including strawberry cheese cake – – strawberries/ fruits – – cheese/dairy  😀 )  

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been fasting for Ramadan and for the last couple of week’s every.single.night I’ve been having dessert. That’s right cupcakes EVERY NIGHT!! It all started with this – – and then I made this cake!

I blame Joy to be honest. How can one master minded woman come up with such delicious creations?!?!

She’s superwoman in disguise.

And while I blame Joy for helping me throw bikini season out the window – – I love her for bulking me up just in time for winter ( you got to add a positive spin to things )

 – – Joy, you sneaky sneaky woman … I adore you. But my bathing suit doesn’t and if I decide to hit the beach – – the masses may cry … but I’ll have cake 😀

I took Joy’s delectable Zucchini Cream Cheese Pound Cake recipe, added some apples a dash of cinnamon and some melted butta to create

 An Upside-down Apple Zucchini Cream-Cheese Cake!!

Ohhh mama! Talk about moist and scrumptious. This one is a keeper ( let’s be honest, every SWJ I do seems to be a keeper!!) But it’s no use if I just gab about it … go ahead and make’er.

You’ll thank me – – and fall in love with Joy she’s cool and loveable.

Upside-down Apple Zucchini Cream-Cheese Cake!!

Apple Upside-Down Topping:

  • 2 Medium sized apples, thinly sliced
  • 2 Tbsp Melted Butter
  • 1 Tbsp Ground Cinnamon
  • 2 Tbsp Granulated Sugar

Add all of the above ingredients into a large bowl. Mix and arrange in a well greased cake pan.

Joy’s Zucchini Cream Cheese Cake:

Dance with a slice (or 2) of cake tonight.

Stay Sweet xo


15 thoughts on “Sunday’s with Joy: Upside-down Apple Zucchini Cream-Cheese Cake

    1. Thanks Sally!! Sunday’s with Joy have been tons of fun .. do you have her cookbook? – – ohh man, I love it. And I adore upsidedown cakes. There’s something about the caramelized crust that’s created just under the fruits … yumm!!

  1. I had this at your house sweetie and honestly at first when I heard of the ingredients I thought oooh heck no this is gonna taste horrible but much to my tastebuds surprise it was heavenly and delicious and just wonderful. You’re an excellent baker and I am so glad I found this blog so now I can follow you and make all your delicious desserts for my daughter… Love you

  2. Girl, you are a hoot!! I’ve got to read some more. I too am a fan (bold & underscore) of upside down cakes. Love Them!!
    Love the cake pan too, first time seeing it. Gotta get me one, just good enough for the two of us. Can’t indulge like you. Will read some more soon. Love to have met you in person, Ciao Ciao

    1. Aunty Dedre, thank you so much for your support! Your seal of approval means the world to me and meeting you too made my trip complete xox
      I actually received this cake pan a couple of years ago for my birthday, it’s a fun one. I hardly ever use it because the cake is huge – – but it’s perfect for when company is coming, and I believe it’s the only pan I own that will bake a bundt-cake recipe. Some people collect stamps, others coins …. I suppose I collect cake pans 🙂 lol.

  3. Oh my goodness! I am loving that pan, I for sure need to get that lovely toy:-) I love how you put so many apples in the cake, it sounds and looks AMAZING!!! Beautiful, Hugs, Terra

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