100+ Cookies & Goodies Giveaway

Good Morning Sunshine’s,

I have quite the surprise for you this morning!!


Lots and lots annnnd lots of cookies.

Over 100 to be exact. And I want to give them all to Y-O-U!!

Did you know we have exactly 7 weeks until Christmas?

Seven weeks, that sounds like quite a while, right? But then when you plan for Thanksgiving, and Christmas shopping, putting up the Christmas tree, sending out your christmas cards, decorating the house, visiting family, holiday parties and lets not even begin talking about all the baking and cooking that needs to be done – – 7 weeks really isn’t that long. It’s going to fly by faster than “ho ho ho ”

So, how do I feel about the rush of holiday cheer?


In case you didn’t know, or could not tell ( since I’m not obvious at all) I L-O-V-E Christmas!! I love the time with family, the feeling of joy in the air, kids on their best behavior waiting for the magic of Christmas morning, I love the cookies and the parties and the chance to relax. I love the traditions and the memories.

I love it all.

And that also has to do with the fact that there are a million special traditions my family and I share over the holiday season, creating amazing memories and so much to laugh about.

Whether it’s coming up with the special cookies that will be included in my annual family cookie box, going out to find the perfect tree, staying up late wrapping gifts, hanging the lights around the house, placing our Christmas ornaments on the tree, singing at the top of my lungs to Christmas carols as I bake late into the morning or dancing around the kitchen with Mama LTSL as we cook and fill the kitchen with Christmas scents on Christmas Eve.

I love every bit of it.

But let’s be honest, the holiday season can also be an incredibly busy time of year. It can be exhausting, and overwhelming. Though you’d love to leave a plate out of fresh baked cookies for Santa – – it’s not always possible.

I’ve got your back Living The Sweet Life Readers!!

I’ve taken care of the cookie situation. I want to send you 3 different cookie dough’s that have been featured on Living The Sweet Life;

Citrus Cranberry White Chocolate Chip

* Popped* Toasty Chocolate Chip Cookies

and Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a little

Peace, Love and Joy

… one lucky LTSL reader, will get enough cookie dough to make 3 dozen of each cookie!! Now that’s some serious cookie action. But that’s not it…

I’ll also be giving you my favourite cookie scoop.

And three special cookie cutters, so all you have to do is preheat your oven – prep your pan and let the memories unfold.

So, what do you got to do to get in on the Jingle Bell Goodness? It’s simple – you’ll have SEVEN different chances to be the lucky little elf.

Please remember to comment on this blog post, for each task you complete. The winner will be chosen by random draw and this contest is open to all readers across North America.

1) Answer the following question: what is your favourite holiday cookie or sweet treat?

2) Describe your favourite holiday memory or tradition growing up?

3) Subscribe to the Living The Sweet Life Blog

4) Like and Share Living The Sweet Life on Facebook

5) Share this contest on Facebook by clicking the link below

6)Follow @LivinLovinSweet on Twitter

6) Tweet the following : ” I want to win @LivinLovinSweet ‘s 100+ Cookies & Goodies Giveaway to make sure Santa is well fed this Christmas !! https://livingthesweetlifeblog.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/100-cookies-goodies-giveaway/

The contest winner will be announced Sunday November 25th, exactly one month before Christmas day.

Good Luck everyone, let the holiday shenanigans begin!!


52 thoughts on “100+ Cookies & Goodies Giveaway

  1. When I was little, we used to drive up to the mountains to play in the snow and pick out our Christmas tree! It was so much fun!!

  2. In my family, we never celebrated Christmas. When we first came to Canada, my father was getting a crash course on North American Chirstmas and he learned about the 12 days of Christmas so he used to leave a kinder egg on the windowsill ever night fir 12 days and tell us that since we don’t celebrate Christmas, Santa still wanted to give us a treat for being good kids!

  3. my favorite holiday memory is being able to relax, stay home with a nice cup of hot chocolate and spend countless, warm hours with my family while it snowing and cold outside.

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  5. My favorite cookie has to be the Molasses Crinkle my aunt makes every year. They are perfect–just the right amount of sweet and the best spicy flavor.

  6. I still get gifts from Santa. My dad has always made sure that at least one gift under the tree says “From Santa” on it for me. Now that I’m old enough I’ve started to do the same thing for him 🙂

  7. Tradition: going to pick our xmas tree on the 23rd, and spending all of xmas eve decorating it with the family. To this day, all the little ones still leave milk and cookies for santa. It really is the sweetest time of year

  8. SICK GIVEAWAY .. I hope I win!!
    Favourite Cookie / sweet treat – Mint Chocolate brownies ( does this count as an order .. if not, I’m placing one lol)

  9. Holiday memory: we always have family over christmas day. there’s a huge meal and no matter where anyone is located – everyone ends up at my parents home. It’s the one day there’s no excuse, even if your across the world, you got to be home for christmas.

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  12. My favourite Holiday Tradition would have to be trying to stay up as late as we can when we were younger, just to sneak a peak at santa clause. My dad would dress up, even if we were fast asleep and if we saw him he would calm us back to sleep 🙂 priceless.

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