Happy Birthday Mango-ness

We’re celebrating an other birthday at LTSL!! Wooo-hoooo … I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and ironically, I think this is our last birthday celebration for the year ( where in the world has 2012 gonewhhhhhhhyyy?!?)

You know what they say though, last but never gotten. And trust me, this little lady would never ever ever (did I say ever) let you forget her birthday. And for good reason. I think her birthday countdown began the day after her 25th birthday. She loves birthdays the way I love Christmas … yes it’s major! Put it this way, she doesn’t just have a birth DAY but a birth WEEK .. I’m hoping that means cake everyday … right? She’s a special little lady, I totally agree the party should continue all week – – she deserves it. Today – today is my darling Mango-ness’ birthday!


Mango-ness, the eldest of the group of women I went to high school with embodies so much that many strive towards. Being the eldest, I’d like to think of her as the most experience. She’s our go to when life hits us with a dose of reality and to be honest, she normally has the answer. She’s the first of us to get married, to move out of her parent’s home, to have “grown up” responsibilities. And she’s mastered it. She makes me proud, that she’s achieved all that she sees as important. I congratulate her, on all of her success. Somehow she’s perfected the juggling act of having a full-time job, the responsibilities of having a family, sleeping and being happy.


She’s determined, willing to do what it takes no matter what to see her self succeed and win this race we call life. She’s the perfect mix of smart, pretty and funny. She wears her heart of her sleeve and never makes any question to putting her family and the love of her life before all else. In our little group, I’d like to think of her as our own personal Charlotte ( in some ways … err in others, she’s our Samantha 😀 ). She loves the idea of love, in every sense. She’s engrossed herself in the feeling of being and giving love. She believes in happily ever after and the idea that there’s a soul mate out there for everyone. Her heart skips a beat when it comes to relationships and weddings.  So much so, that she’s taken her affair to a whole new level with her own business. She’s the proud and successful owner of A Shahzadi Affair . My darling, the world is yours and I know you will own it in your own personal way.

She’s a keeper if you ask me. I need her in my life, she reminds me why it’s important to put yourself first. She makes me believe in love and the necessity of working hard at relationships. And so my Mango, I love you and wish you endless happiness today and forever. I wish you cupcakes on a rainy day, to always be surrounded by love and laughter and I wish you a sense of peace when life takes you on a roller coaster. And to always be reminded then when you feel alone, I’m always here – – and I will always have cookies to make it better.

I promise to always be your shoulder to cry on, the person you can call late in the night just to complain or cry. I want to share your every happiness, and hold your hand when things just aren’t so sweet. Together, all four of us — we will and can get through anything 😉

I love you – – happy birthday sweetheart


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mango-ness

  1. I just have to say, you are too darn cute! I love every outfit in these pics… Can I raid your closest, we look about the same size 😉

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