Sundays with Joy : Pumpkin Spice Cranberry Pecan Pralines

Hey everyone,



Wooohooooo … is your menu all set? Have you invited your friends and family, can you smell the pie baking and the turkey roasting – – is your house adored in pretty orange – red and yellow decorations … did you get one of those cool hand turkey’s from your kids? … What’s for dessert?

And most importantly do you have your stretchy pants ready, and your running shoes set for black Friday?

While all of this chaos does surround thanksgiving … don’t forget the reason this is special day takes place. Amid all the hustle, running around, yelling and shopping – – don’t forget to be thankful. For everything. We’re lucky to have what we have, because not everyone does. So for the very least, say thank you.

Today’s recipe would be a perfect quick snack to munch on while watching the Macy’s parade,  or it’s ideal while watching a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and of course perfect to chomp down while enjoying some football – or to serve to your guests as the turkey is roasting away.

Pumpkin spice Cranberry Pecan Pralines.

The fantabulous Joy The Baker created the original recipe ( side note: if you haven’t bought her book yet – – what are you waiting for? … she’s coming out with a brand spankin’ new one – – and you’ll want to make everything in this one first .. so please buy it, or ask Mr. Clause to hook you up 😀 ).

I took Miss Joy’s killer recipe and added a little LTSL love to it.

  • 1 TBSP of Pumpkin Spice
  • ¼ Cups of Dried Cranberries.

Follow the rest of Joy’s Song and you’re good to go 🙂 



If I’ve ever wanted to jump in a pot of delicious – – this would be the moment.

Mmmm… yes, they’re as good as they look and yes, you want some and yes, even if it means spending your day in stretchy pants.

Stay sweet darlings

Ohh – – don’t forget – I need your help & you can win …. orr make sure santa is well fed, by winning this yummy-ness



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