100+ Cookies and Goodies Giveaway WINNER

Do you hear what I hear…

Jingle Bells are ringing …

Sleds are dashing though the snow…

and Santa Clause is coming to town…

There’s exactly ONE MONTH until Christmas 🙂

So let’s start giving away some goodies, to guarantee Santa is well fed come Christmas eve.


First, I must thank every single one of you for entering. I can’t believe how many cookie monsters shared their favorite sweet treat – tweeted and shared on Facebook! Thank you. I love you … every single one of you!! My favorite part was reading about your favorite Christmas memories.

I hope this Christmas brings you a chance to continue your traditions and make brand new ones with those you love.

And now …

Little drummer boy, do your thing!!

* Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum *

Our 100+ Cookies & Goodies Giveaway WINNER is


Please check your e-mail for further details on how to obtain your winnings. I hope you enjoy your cookies & all of the goodies that come along with this sweet package, let this be the begging of a very sweet season for you!

For everyone else, never fear – – there’s another giveaway going on right now at LTSL – – don’t forget to enter! And between you and me, I have a funny feeling there will be a couple more before the end of the year 😉

Have a sweet Sunday my dears



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