Sunday’s With Joy: Joy’s Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate


There’s something extra special about a huge piping hot mug of hot chocolate, laced with melting marshmallows and overflowing with whipped cream.  It’s that sense of comfort, that feeling of warmth. It’s that inner child fighting to be free.

To say the least, I love the stuff. And if you follow me on instagram, I think it’s safe to say – I’m also kind of addicted to hot chocolate this season.  Not only addicted, but I think I’ve become a hot chocolate snob.

There’s actually a perfect cup of hot chocolate – not too sweet – not too thin – just the right amount of whipped cream and please add my marshmallows at the bottom of the cup … I need them to get all gooey and melted.

As part of our Christmas morning tradition, everyone in the LTSL household gets a mug (arguably a bowl) of hot chocolate, as we got older our hot chocolate also matured. Now it’s con baileys or Kahlua .   But one thing stays the same, before pouring our hot chocolate a Hershey’s kiss is placed in each mug.

It’s our way of adding a little extra love to each cup.

This year, I have a funny feeling Joy’s Perfect Hot Chocolate will be our morning’s drink of choice. It really is just perfect…




Warm up a little today over a cuppa cocoa.


Be Sweet my loves xo


How Sweet Are You?

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