A letter to my Everyday – Forever – Valentines <3

Remember when you were in elementary school, and come valentines day you’d have your fancy self-made valentine mail box hanging proudly by your desk or cubbie?
Remember being so excited to get those little cards, some chocolates and if you were lucky that cute boy you were eyeing hoping he would hold your hands under the slide at recess would come to your desk .. and oh so slyly pop a store bought valentine into your folder.


Be honest. You melted.
Valentines day … it shouldn’t be a celebration of love day – but a feel good day.
And so, I want to brighten the day of my Everyday- Forever- Valentines with a little letter.

This group of people, form my list of loves. Whether friends, family, or that cute boy I’m hoping that will hold my hand until we’re old and crazy together. I want them to know that I love them. I thank them for dealing with my senile ways … and remind them that I celebrate what they mean to me not just today but everyday.

Today, just seems like a good day to let them know ❤


❤ My Favourite Girl in the World : Mama LTSL. You are everything and anything I could ever want to be. You’re truly probably the only one who knows me inside out and I love you more than anything else in the world. I love each moment we get to laugh together, cry, complain. I love it all. You make every day, something kind of special. Your my best friend, my heart and my everything. As things and life begin to change, as I enter a new phase in my life – I want us to remain a constant. I want us to be able to celebrate the good, bad and down right rediculous. You’re my superwoman, and I admire every inch of your being. You’re kind of major and I’m only the person you see today, because of you xoxox

❤ My VeryBari : Lady, I can’t even begin to explain the role you play in my life. I love you to bits, it’s your honesty – your willingness to live life each and every day for what it’s worth. It’s the fact that you wear your heart on your sleeve and you’re not afraid to have a damn good time. At the beginning of this year, we knew 2013 was going to be something fantastic and I’m SO STINKIN pumped to be sharing every moment of the next couple months with you. I love you and can’t thank you enough for being who you are. I love you for loving me, the real me – no strings attached, no preconceived notions, or no sort of act needed … the real me. Thank you for every laugh, every late night talk, each drink, thank you for all our moments that we will never forget and the nights we will never remember xoxo


❤ My Angel : Panda. There’s a reason I call you my angel. You keep me sane. You make me laugh, when all I want to do is run away from real life and join the circus. I can’t even count the amount of times you’ve bailed me out of a stupid situation — I also probably can’t count the amount of times those stupid situations were because of our messed up antics. Thank you for being my soundboard, my live, my best friend and the sister I never had growing up. In the strangest of ways, you are my sweet escape – on the best days, you’re there with open arms ready to celebrate with me – and on the worst of days, you’re there to celebrate how screwed up life can be. I love you a million billion times over and no matter how busy life may get, no matter how much things may change I want you to know, that in the end ” it will always be us” 😉 We’ve seen over a decade of laughs, tears, wanting to rip each other’s hair out and celebrating. I can’t only hope that nothing changes. ever. Like I’ve said a dozen times, I need you in my life. Forever. xoxo

❤ My Mango-ness: To me, you’re lady love herself. You believe in that happily ever after – forever – no matter what. And I need that. I need that reminder that there’s so much good in the world.You’re just that for me, you are the good in the world. You too wear your heart on your sleeve and I wouldn’t change a thing. To be honest, all of the main people in my life play a different role – and our relationship is quite different than the ones I have with the other girls. You set the stepping stone for many milestones I’m yet to accomplish. I look up to you for guidance based on your experience with ‘being an adult’  and knowing how to handle when shit hits the fan ( can I use that kind of language on this blog? … sorry.) I love you for exactly who you are are you hope for everyone’s happily ever after. Yes, together we’ve seen each other at the top of our game and hit rock bottom … but, we’ve made it and I think that says a lot. I know we have the rest of our lives to look forward to – and you get me excited about each minute of it … thank you xox

❤ My Kiwi-licious: Giiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllll … I love you because you’re ghetto fabulous 😉 I actually love you for so much more than the fact that you’re ghetto-fab. I love you because you accept me for who I am, no matter what. I never have to have a rhyme or reason for my actions, or thoughts. You support me and my decisions no matter what. You’re kind of amazing … but I don’t want that to get to your head :p I love you for your sense of commitment to living out your dreams and the fact that I can talk smack with you / about you … but at the end of the day, nothing else matters but your friends and family. You inspire me to be the best me possible. You’re my constant reminder to stay focused on making myself happy, before I can make anyone else happy. I love you lady, I’ll love you to the end of time. You reassure me, that no matter what … looking past the roller coaster ride of life, at the end of the day … my quota is all I have. You’re irreplaceable. xoxo


❤ My Mr. Sweep Me off My feet – rock my world with every heat beat: I love you. Simple. Plain. And everything I could ever dream, wish and ask for. Here’s to our forever – our once upon a time and happily ever after all in one. What we have, people dream of … it’s priceless. It’s real. It’s my wildest dreams come true and I promise you, it will never change. I love you to the moon and back … twice.

Happy Valentines day everyone, tell everyone who means anything to you – that you love them today



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