We Have Winner : Decorate your cake like a Boss with Sugar Tiers

We have a winner!!
We have a winner!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend – for one special reader – the weekend is about to get a little sweeter! For everyone that entered the Decorate your cake like a boss with Sugar Tiers Contest – thank you ( yes, all 3 or 4 of you 😉 lol). I loved reading all of your entries, and though each answer was different one thing was for sure – we all look forward to the weekend to just relax.


So whether you treat yourself to a sweet treat to kick off the weekend – or choose to sleep in come Saturday morning to celebrate the goodness that is the weekend – celebrate we should.

So let’s give some goods away.

And our winner is ….


post numero 2 – – and who could that be?


Woooohooooo – – congratulations!! Sanjana says her favourite way to celebrate the weekend is dinner with friends, lounging around in pjs and squishing her nephew. Sounds like a great weekend to moi.

Sanjana, please keep an eye out as you will be receiving your prize very soon – enjoy decorating your cake like a boss!!

8fbaef8dd263c876befb11a3c18ff1a3 da5db2eaf805502f7cf34d1c100868ad Grammie-Bea_s-Special-Vanilla-Frosting-Recipezaar.card

For everyone else, keep sweet



One thought on “We Have Winner : Decorate your cake like a Boss with Sugar Tiers

  1. aaahhhh!!! thankkk you sharana! 😀 i’m so excited to go learn how to decorate a cake properly! thank you thank you! you just made my sunday night ACTUALLY something happy. yyesss!! cake masterpieces, here i come! :D:D:D

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