New Years Revolution

Happy New Year!!


While 2013 was quite the year

– one filled with






mounds of ice cream

Ending Chapters

New Beginnings

Lots of cake

And happily ever afters

A  year that caused me to fall in love, but one that also broke my heart in so many ways

– one thing  is for sure, it will definitely go down in my books as a memorable year.


 And now …

I have a brand spanking new year to play with!!

I have big plans for this year – while the title of this post may incite that I will be overthrowing the government, or something crazy like making it rain chocolate chip cookies – I won’t be doing either!! However the chocolate chip cookie plan sounds wicked-awesome if anyone finds a way to do it .. PLEASE CALL ME!!

my plans, are just the normal stuff … to take over the world.

Wait – what?! – too pinky and the brain for you?! … I’d apologize but this is not a new mantra that I’m bringing into 2014, taking over MY little world has always fluffed my feathers and caused me to walk with a little pep in my step.

I don’t set new year’s resolutions … I can’t, I won’t – if I do, I’d probably fall short.


Instead I have revolutions … they last longer … at least for me. 

And so, what is part of my continuing revolution?

  • Finding a reason to laugh every day. Even if I’m laughing at myself.
  • Being confident in my thoughts and actions .. even if I later realize I’m making a mistake
  • To love deep, with no further expectations nor strings attached.
  • To eat and treat my body well … it’s been good to me, I should be good to it. Work out, fuel it, educate my mind, let it be – trust it – love it  … it’s about to go down
  • Smile. A lot and often … even if my cheeks begin to hurt – I’ll take it as a good sign
  • Say thank you more … especially to my friends and family, but particularly to strangers.
  • Dance more in my kitchen while making pancakes … or cookies … or cake … or whatever else I may be concocting.
  • Hug and kiss the ones that complete my life, as much as possible – maybe even until they become annoyed with me.
  • Sing loud and obnoxiously as often as possible, because … it makes me laugh.
  • Never stop trying … trying to be better, smarter, kinder, stronger.
  • Being humble and modest and thankful and simple.   


What will you be up to in the next foreseeable future?– do you set resolutions, or revolutions?

I can’t wait to hear from you – my wish for you all is for this year to be exactly what you want it to be, sealed with a bow.


Work hard, play hard and eat cookies !!



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