This Girl, That Guy and Their City

If you like me on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram it’s no secret that I’m a true Toronto girl at heart. I’m always spreading the word of what’s happening – new culinary corners – the best of the best in the city.


I take pride in my city, I love what we stand for, I crave the sweet smells of our delicious restaurants, my ears light up on Friday evenings during the summer, when the bag pipe player begins his song at the bottom of bay street, my eyes glaze over as soon as I walk into St. Lawrence market — I love every nook and cranny – so much to explore, with never a dull moment in site.

And though I’ve traveled quite a bit, seen different towns – been to larger cities – nothing quite compares to our skyline –quite gets me as excited as exploring queen west – heading down to liberty village – or getting a little chic in Yorkville. I guess it all started when I was little … we would always come downtown to just hang out … no real purpose in mind, just to relax and spend some quality time together as a famila. And we did. 


We would wander around for hours … find ourselves in the strangest places … once we stumbled into the Roy Thomson Hall for free and caught a show, because it was their anniversary – tons of memories and totally ingrained in who I am as a young lady.   

Ironically, I grew up for the most part in the suburbs and only really started spending the greater part of my time downtown Toronto when I began working.


Until now… 

This girl. That guy. Our City.

Our home. Our new chapter. Our Happily ever after


I can’t wait. 

And this also means good news for you crazy cupcake loving kids – it means I’m so much closer to normalizing my life – I’m closer to being back to blogging regularly, back to crazy concoctions … except this time, it will be in my —  our — kitchen.



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