Wisdomist Wednesday : Change

I’ve never really kept it a secret how close I am to my family.

We’re ridiculously, almost obnoxiously close .. but I love it.

My mom, dad, brother and I have more than anything else grown up together. My parents are fairly young, considering how old my brother and I are and I think that’s caused us to have a huge reliance on one-another.

They are very much my toughest critic as well as my biggest fan.

Before getting married, I was so scared all of this would change. I knew I was marrying the man of my dreams, and he is so much more than I could ever ask for.

But lately, even as I have everything – and life is pretty damn good.

I’ve missed home. A lot.

I talk to my parents, and brother daily – we see each other often …

I think the difference is, at home now … it’s so quiet. With Mr. LTSL and I having full time jobs, and us both living for evenings and weekends to just relax… I think the quietness and slow-paced nature away from work, is just something I have to get used to.

I’ve found myself having time to do other things, a whole lot more baking ( which I stinking LOVE), catch up on t.v shows … I’ve started watching Orange is the new black – I love it, but also kind of get squirmish … I’m a baby – mehh.  But besides that … that’s all I do. The mister looks forward to kicking back, sleeping in late, playing video games … and maybe going out … maybe.

I want to stinking be out all the time. While I lived with my parents, we were always doing stuff … and not even crazy stuff .. just the usual; groceries, going on picnics, visiting family; nothing fancy, nothing crazy … we were always just busy.

How strange would it be if I went out alone … I actually feel a little guilty doing that, mister man, would just rather relax at home, he IS very much a homebody. And I appreciate that, there are days where I just want to sit around in my PJs and watch meaningless TV – but then there are days, that I just want to go out, for a walk … living in the gorgeous city that I live in means there’s ALWAYS something going on.

It’s strange, I miss the chaos – I miss having something to always do – I miss running downstairs to the kitchen always being busy, or my parents sitting there sipping on their morning coffee.


This is real life, isn’t it. I should appreciate this all, shouldn’t I. Maybe this is a lesson – a lesson to appreciate my family more and the time Mr. LTSL and I have together. Maybe I should stop complaining and ride this roller-coaster of change.

4 thoughts on “Wisdomist Wednesday : Change

  1. Loved this post. And I can completely relate. When I was home, Saturday mornings meant being up at 8, eating breakfast and then going from one end of the GTA to the other running errands, shopping, eating at fun places and just all around, being out of the house. After I married the mister, it was a miracle if he woke up before 12pm. Over time I realized that all those early morning arrends, I could do on my own and enjoy down time with him later, or do what I do and schedule weekend visits with the rents and do all of the stuff you miss! Love you.

  2. It’s honestly such a strange feeling … even if I’m up earlier than he is, I hardly ever get out of bed. And that’s for many reasons, I want him to sleep in – I want him to get his rest … but it’s also because i want to savor that alone time we have together. I think kind of like you said, there’s just a lot to begin getting used to – I’ve actually never had so much time to do what I wanted, when I wanted … that’s something that’s very new to me. And I think in a way, while I love alone time .. I kind of almost don’t know how to be alone – I feel guilty leaving him at home, and going for a walk … or going to the market. Such a strange feeling … I both like it, and also don’t know what to do with it.

  3. I’m very close to my family too – it’s so hard because I live away from my hometown, and I’m the only one that lives away. I spend all my vacation days going to visit them!

    You absolutely, 100%, definitely should go out and do things when you feel like it! Relationships are compromise, of course, so you want to spend the time you can together and he should join you sometimes, but you have to cultivate your own interests and that sometimes means time apart. You should not feel guilty in the slightest! He probably doesn’t mind and likes the time alone too! You’ll still lots of time for togetherness. You need the time for you, but it’s also good to have that time apart so you can miss each other, and be interesting people w/o each other. Ya know? How long have you been married? Over time, maybe you’ll feel less like you need to be around when he’s laying low. I know I felt that way for the first year I was shacked up w/ my S.O., but over time, if he’s napping on the couch and I’m not in the mood, I’m all “I’ll be at the mall. Lata!” 🙂 Btw, what city do you live in? Loved this post. So raw and honest.

    1. Thank you so so soooo much for your comment, it honestly blows my mind how lucky I am to have such an amazing family!! I actually did a lot of thinking after this post. I’ve realized that you’re right – my husband very much welcomes me doing my own thing, and he’s never once made it an issue if I went out alone. Actually, we spoke about it and he started laughing … he actually said, neither of us are pent up at home – we have to do things alone. And you’re right it will make us miss each other and definitely create a lot to talk about over the dinner table.

      We haven’t been married very long, just under two months to be honest – and it’s funny how many things we love doing together … and to be honest, there are some things, I WOULD rather do alone … just breathing space/time I guess.

      I live in Toronto, and around this time of year there’s soooo much going on that I want to be a part of, so I know I’ll be out and about a lot more 🙂

      Thanks again for your comment!! Xo

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