Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel Pepperoni


Around this time of year, it seems like every event you attend there’s food in every corner. Traditionally, I host a holiday party for my nearest and dearest, and I know I too make sure every surface of my kitchen is covered in delectable food, snacks or drinks.


IMG_4068 IMG_4074

And though this is the case, to be honest my absolute favourite kinds of get-togethers are wine & cheese parties. Where the focus is on good company, great bubbly and cheese that oozes with class. Of course, even when hosting a wine and cheese … I need to have a least a couple of sweet options. Jams help to add little notes of sweetness … but chocolate, seriously how can you go wrong with chocolate.

IMG_3956 IMG_3981

And like the classic pairing of wine & cheese, it’s only natural that I added a little peppermint to this chocolate concoction – hello, holiday season!!

Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel Pepperoni  

¾ cups white chocolate crushed pretzels

1 can of condensed milk

2 cups of cocoa powder

2 tablespoons of evaporated milk

1 cup of unsalted butter, melted

1 cup of crushed candy canes

IMG_3971 IMG_3978 IMG_3980


In a large bowl, mix condensed milk, 2 cups of cocoa powder, 2 tablespoons of milk and the melted butter.

Add the crushed pretzels and candy canes.

Spread the mixture in a parchment paper and roll it to make a salami shape.

Enclose edged of parchment paper by twisting. Allow to chill 2 hours. Remove from refrigerator and sprinkle with icing sugar.

Place back onto a large sheet of plastic, twisting the edges like you did before.

Allow to chill, until you’re  ready to serve.


Throw on your pumps – a cute dress and add a  little sparkle to your conversations – you’re about to have a pish-posh holiday soiree!!

… or you know, track pants, comfy slippers and crackers pair perfectly well with this pepperoni too!!

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