Wisdomist Wednesday : Daughter of a King

I grew up in the best household ever.

It’s true.

Though we weren’t royalty inside our four walls, My mom was a queen – my dad a king – my brother a prince & I, a princess.

We were a family.

Added to our kingdom is my knight in shining armour.

A unit , in solidarity through the good, bad, hilarious and heart wrenching.

I have a very special relationship with each part of my monarchy. I still speak with my mom daily .. normally a couple of times a day. My brother and I text each other all the time … even if it’s the most random picture or just something to make each other laugh. My knight in shining armour – he’s my greatest asset, and my greatest challenge that I would be nothing without. And my dad … I have the best super-hero dad in the world.

Last night, after a crazy day I got a text message. It was from my pop-sicle. It simply said

“I love you, you’re beautiful and your ambition can drown the sea”.

I sat there a literally bawled. Not because I was sad, but because I’m lucky – in fact blessed to have such an amazing human being part of my life. My dad is my rock, he’s what i think not just every man should be, but every person. His honesty, sincerity and kind heart … he rightfully deserves the title of superdad.


He’s not just a father, but a dad. There’s a difference. Even with the physical distance between us, he still makes me laugh – he puts a smile on my face – he listens, understands and is my defense when I feel like my back is against a wall. Sometimes, I don’t give this man enough credit … in fact, I never give him enough credit. He’s damn skippy and I love him, and can’t thank him enough for the example he set, nor for the woman he has shaped me to be.

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