Wisdomist Wednesday : Mom

0dbe1cd69ddaf3bc54445458a86005a8 Today’s post I dedicate to my mom. Ma-ma … mom-ski … mama-dukes … buddy … buddy-pie … deeds. She truly is bomb-digity. And without getting sappy ( because it’s so easy for me to go there, and let’s face it, I’ll save it for her card) there are a couple (read: a zillion-billion) of things my mom taught me that I take with me every single day.

  •  No one will take care of you, the way you take care of yourself. WORD – so true. I get it, I have lots of lovely friends, darling family members and a smoking hot smart husband but let it be known, that even with all of that love and support … dude, I gotta do me, for me – no one could actually be able to see how much ( or how little) something means to me the way that I do.

For instance, why do I work out 3 days a week, then proceed to complain/waddle through life from being sore … because it matters to me. Why do I treat myself to something special ( not always something I buy, it could be something I do) every Friday … because I’m proud of the fact that I made it through an other week. Why can’t I sit still in my professional life for more than a year … obviously because in my mind, I haven’t taken over the world … yet.

  •  Laugh way too much. It’s better to get wrinkles from laughing than wrinkles from crying. She’s on to something there … no one looks cute crying – it takes so much out of someone to actually cry and release such intense emotion. Laugh it off … as much as you can – and for anything that can’t be laughed away – punch someone and then laugh ( I added that part, my mom would never be cool with violence .. also, please don’t actually punch people it’s mean … and it hurts)
  • Walk, talk and act with confidence . In my home, we had to go to university – especially being the first child, this wasn’t up for discussion or negotiation. I could have gone to university for scooping ice cream, I needed / had to walk away with a degree. After pursuing and earning my degree , I actually learnt that my parents didn’t really care about me being book smart or that peice of paper I got at the end – they wanted me to build confidence and trust in myself, it was more for growth and experience.
  •  Be humble. Funny story, when I was younger – I was a bit of a ( read: total) know it all. One day, my mom was telling me something and I responded “ oh mom, I know” … she wasn’t impressed. In fact, she turned around and responded “ really, what exactly is it that you know”. I was dumbfounded .. one thing I know for sure, is not to speak any sort of sass to mom-ski. Her moral was though, to be humble – you don’t in fact know everything – what you do have, make sure you’ve earned it, and be thankful that you’re so blessed.
  • Love yourself and others deeper than you can imagine. This one has from time to time gotten me in deeeeeep trouble. It’s been very easy for me to love other people. Love them without restriction, or without holding them accountable to reciprocate my kindness. It’s kicked me in my butt over and over. Would I do any of it differently – nope. Have I learned though, to be careful with my love – and only really give it to those who matter – yah-huh. Loving and accepting myself has taken me some time, but I’m getting there … sometimes your teenage/early 20’s can do a number on your self-esteem – but it’s about growth and duuuuuude we growin’
  • Eat carbs. This may sound silly, but my mom is a firm believer in the idea that a good piece of bread, or a doughnut, or a slice of cake can both be medicinal and celebratory. “ mom, I’ve got a head ache” – “ Go eat a cookie, your sugar is low” …. “Mom, I got a new job” – “ On your way home, pick up dessert …” gotta love her. 

98bdad21ffd26a9c887f088a3d3e79a7 The truth is, I’d be nothing without her. We still speak every day, I strive to be all that she is in a woman, wife and mother. Happy every day mother’s day my favourite girl in the world; your laugh – ridiculous jokes and hunger for life ( both literally and figuratively)  will never get old – I love you for ever.


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