Life … and things .. mostly random things

Howdy doooody my dear interweb friends …

Did you miss me? I missed you! A lot. Too Much.

But I’m here to tell you that

  • I haven’t forgotten you
  • I love your faces
  • I want to do a giveaway soon because this girl has over 500 instagram followers and that boggles my little brain!!

So I took a bit of a blogging hiatus; not on purpose … just a life thing. There was a bunch of other stuff I needed to focus on.

My bestie is married. MARRIED! Yes, no longer my right hand-partner-in-crime … also, this officially means we’re both adults … married, responsible for husbands, paying taxes and all that jazz. Kids of the playground, don’t rush this stuff … it’s not as shiny and sparkly as it seems … it has it’s perks … but don’t get blown away.  But it was a love filled, happiness exploding ball of sunshine … aka it was perfection. And, it’s very possible that I ugly cried more at this wedding, than at my own … she was just so beautiful!!

One more wedding to go at the end of this month, and then officially my group of friends will live happily ever after … until kids come along. OMG one of my girlies had a little boy and he’s as cute as a button and I’ve nicknamed him Joe because 1) It’s no where close to his actual name 2) I’m a jerk. But I love his face, and I’m so proud of his mama and papa .. they’re going to be amazing parental units.

I also haven’t been feeling all that jazzy, and I didn’t want to bring that sort of negativity to the blog. Even though summer is supposed to bring about sunshine, happiness, laughter, and extra ice cream sprinkles … it’s just not jiving with me right now …  I think part of why I love blogging is the honesty associated with it, but seriously mixing butter, sugar and anxiety does not produce cupcakes!

But I’m back.

Back and full of inspiration and tons of fun stuff I want to share. I want to know what you’ve done over the summer – have you traveled? WHAT HAVE YOU EATEN!?! How many ice cream cones can you down in one cottage trip … you know, the essentials of life.

Speaking of essentials, can someone PLEASE tell me how to rid the world of stupid mosquitoes … I have enough bites for someone to mistake me for having the chickenpox – one specifically on my neck that makes me look like i’m a 16 year old with a hickey … SO NOT CLASSY!!

They know me so well!!
They know me so well!!

In the next couple of months, you can expect giveaways … tons more cookies … and recipes that are sure to leave you with a slight sugar high. Also, I feel with us finishing the first week of August, I need to do all the summer things and ease us all into back-to-school and then fall.

Ready to throw up a little, my favourite local grocery store already has  pumpkin spiced cookies out … I gagged … and then proceeded to buy 2 boxes. #SorryNotSorry … and I’m still eating all of the strawberries, peaches and watermelon I can wrap my fingers around.

I think that’s enough random mammer-jammer for a while. Happy Friday you gorgeous people!!


Wisdomist Wednesday : Hugs


I’m a firm believer that so much can be expressed through simple gestures – a smile, waving to someone, saying good morning, a quick text message — seriously, as silly as it may sound, I know for a fact that it can turn someone’s day around.

That’s exactly how I feel about hugs. I know I’ve ranted on-and-on about how I’m stressed out lately with work and life in general. I’ve tried writing and giving myself pep-talks – there’s just something about a hug.


It’s not a solution to all problems, but it’s such an amazing band-aid.

I’m lucky that I surround myself with people that I actually want to hug – people that I believe deserve my hugs ( I don’t do anything special, my hugs are just warm .. .they mean something) When I’m giving you a hug , whether in person or a *hug* over text message, what I’m actually saying is

I love you

be proud of yourself – I’m proud of you

you’re winning life – even if you can’t see it right now

I’m here for you, all of you – the sweet – sassy and insane

And when people hug me, it stands for me letting my guard down – it’s me welcoming you into my space to either celebrate or commiserate. It’s me wanting comfort, understanding, acceptance, it’s a chance for me to release my emotions … it’s both a silent scream of excitement and me bawling for a release.

My ladies, my  mom, my dad and my amazing husband – whether in person, or electronically … I never want to stop hugging you.

Wisdomist Wednesday : Friends

I got a call last night

A good call – no need to worry!!

A familiar call .. I get this call pretty often – at least once a week.

And if not a call, a text message – a silly e-mail. Sometimes it’s not words – sometimes it’s a picture to make me laugh.

Sometimes is a song on my voice mail.

Sometimes it’s just a wink – or “xoxox”.

No matter what, it brings a smile to my face.

And reminds me that I seriously have the best friends in the world.

During the process of planning the wedding, besides the emotions of personal change I was feeling – one of my biggest fears was loosing touch with my friends. I thought the potential of not being able to talk as much, see each other as often or continuing to share our stupid jokes would all be blanketed by the new life I was about to begin ( Read: DRAMA QUEEN).

I was wrong.

Sort of …. Do I say my friends all the time? – nope.

Do we talk as often? – actually I think we talk more … we actually have STUFF to talk about now. Important stuff … like what we had for dinner … and lunch… and dessert. Not, he said – she said stuff.

Are there people that have kind of fallen out of my life – yep.

On purpose … nope.

As I get older ( you know, since I’m super close to be a geriatric … hello old age pension!!) I realize that having a million friends means nothing as close to at least having one amazing friend. I’ve also realized that friendship – is a relationship … ( I know, revolutionary stuff here!!) it takes 2 to make it work.

If I’m always calling you … I’m going to start to feel like I’m bothering you… and I’ll probably stop.

Just like, if you’re always calling me, and I’m making no effort – punch me.

Friends are pretty rad – hugs yours often, tell them you love them, make them laugh and if they’re really awesome – make them cookies and then hang out so you can scarf them down together.


Be wisdomist this Wednesday my inter-web friends!!

A letter to my Everyday – Forever – Valentines <3

Remember when you were in elementary school, and come valentines day you’d have your fancy self-made valentine mail box hanging proudly by your desk or cubbie?
Remember being so excited to get those little cards, some chocolates and if you were lucky that cute boy you were eyeing hoping he would hold your hands under the slide at recess would come to your desk .. and oh so slyly pop a store bought valentine into your folder.


Be honest. You melted.
Valentines day … it shouldn’t be a celebration of love day – but a feel good day.
And so, I want to brighten the day of my Everyday- Forever- Valentines with a little letter.

This group of people, form my list of loves. Whether friends, family, or that cute boy I’m hoping that will hold my hand until we’re old and crazy together. I want them to know that I love them. I thank them for dealing with my senile ways … and remind them that I celebrate what they mean to me not just today but everyday.

Today, just seems like a good day to let them know ❤


❤ My Favourite Girl in the World : Mama LTSL. You are everything and anything I could ever want to be. You’re truly probably the only one who knows me inside out and I love you more than anything else in the world. I love each moment we get to laugh together, cry, complain. I love it all. You make every day, something kind of special. Your my best friend, my heart and my everything. As things and life begin to change, as I enter a new phase in my life – I want us to remain a constant. I want us to be able to celebrate the good, bad and down right rediculous. You’re my superwoman, and I admire every inch of your being. You’re kind of major and I’m only the person you see today, because of you xoxox

❤ My VeryBari : Lady, I can’t even begin to explain the role you play in my life. I love you to bits, it’s your honesty – your willingness to live life each and every day for what it’s worth. It’s the fact that you wear your heart on your sleeve and you’re not afraid to have a damn good time. At the beginning of this year, we knew 2013 was going to be something fantastic and I’m SO STINKIN pumped to be sharing every moment of the next couple months with you. I love you and can’t thank you enough for being who you are. I love you for loving me, the real me – no strings attached, no preconceived notions, or no sort of act needed … the real me. Thank you for every laugh, every late night talk, each drink, thank you for all our moments that we will never forget and the nights we will never remember xoxo


❤ My Angel : Panda. There’s a reason I call you my angel. You keep me sane. You make me laugh, when all I want to do is run away from real life and join the circus. I can’t even count the amount of times you’ve bailed me out of a stupid situation — I also probably can’t count the amount of times those stupid situations were because of our messed up antics. Thank you for being my soundboard, my live, my best friend and the sister I never had growing up. In the strangest of ways, you are my sweet escape – on the best days, you’re there with open arms ready to celebrate with me – and on the worst of days, you’re there to celebrate how screwed up life can be. I love you a million billion times over and no matter how busy life may get, no matter how much things may change I want you to know, that in the end ” it will always be us” 😉 We’ve seen over a decade of laughs, tears, wanting to rip each other’s hair out and celebrating. I can’t only hope that nothing changes. ever. Like I’ve said a dozen times, I need you in my life. Forever. xoxo

❤ My Mango-ness: To me, you’re lady love herself. You believe in that happily ever after – forever – no matter what. And I need that. I need that reminder that there’s so much good in the world.You’re just that for me, you are the good in the world. You too wear your heart on your sleeve and I wouldn’t change a thing. To be honest, all of the main people in my life play a different role – and our relationship is quite different than the ones I have with the other girls. You set the stepping stone for many milestones I’m yet to accomplish. I look up to you for guidance based on your experience with ‘being an adult’  and knowing how to handle when shit hits the fan ( can I use that kind of language on this blog? … sorry.) I love you for exactly who you are are you hope for everyone’s happily ever after. Yes, together we’ve seen each other at the top of our game and hit rock bottom … but, we’ve made it and I think that says a lot. I know we have the rest of our lives to look forward to – and you get me excited about each minute of it … thank you xox

❤ My Kiwi-licious: Giiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllll … I love you because you’re ghetto fabulous 😉 I actually love you for so much more than the fact that you’re ghetto-fab. I love you because you accept me for who I am, no matter what. I never have to have a rhyme or reason for my actions, or thoughts. You support me and my decisions no matter what. You’re kind of amazing … but I don’t want that to get to your head :p I love you for your sense of commitment to living out your dreams and the fact that I can talk smack with you / about you … but at the end of the day, nothing else matters but your friends and family. You inspire me to be the best me possible. You’re my constant reminder to stay focused on making myself happy, before I can make anyone else happy. I love you lady, I’ll love you to the end of time. You reassure me, that no matter what … looking past the roller coaster ride of life, at the end of the day … my quota is all I have. You’re irreplaceable. xoxo


❤ My Mr. Sweep Me off My feet – rock my world with every heat beat: I love you. Simple. Plain. And everything I could ever dream, wish and ask for. Here’s to our forever – our once upon a time and happily ever after all in one. What we have, people dream of … it’s priceless. It’s real. It’s my wildest dreams come true and I promise you, it will never change. I love you to the moon and back … twice.

Happy Valentines day everyone, tell everyone who means anything to you – that you love them today


Happy 25th Birthday to My Miranda

Remember how I told you guys im the luckiest little lady in the world, and I have the pleasure and honor of having 3 amazing-tastic phenomenal best friends. Well today I celebrate another one of their birthdays!! *woot woot* – cue the fireworks and brrrinnng on the caaakkkeee –


( that’s of course not her real name …. but she is a kiwi and she is delicious :D) 

Today, my darling Kiwi turns 25!! Kind of a huge deal, when I’ve known her for about half of her life. We’ve seen each other grow up – – made endless mistakes together, laughed until we’ve pee’ed our pants, and held each other tight as we cried . We’ve been though the very best – – and stood strong through the very worst. I love her unconditionally, and only wish her unless success, happiness and love…. forever.

It’s funny when I think about it, the first day of high school was the first time the kiwi and I ever spoke – -we went to the same elementary school… but let’s face it, she was faaaarrr tooo cool for me ;). So, there we sat – on the school bus of our first day of high school. The conversation was WEIRD to say the least, forced almost – -we kept asking each other how our summer’s were – – that lasted the entire 45 minutes 😦 .

Today, this woman knows every detail of my life …. sometimes maybe a little too much ;). The truth is, I’m pretty convinced she knows me better than myself half the time. She’s exactly what I need in a best friend. She’s honest. She’s hilarious. She’s always willing to listen and give constructive criticism when I’m messing up my life. She’s frank – but does it with a gentle kiss. I’m seriously in awe of her every motion, and idea of exactly what it means to be a progressive woman in today’s world. 

Over the past years, what stands out the most is our extremely odd and random moments together. Late night talks, running around the city, trips across the country, crossing boarders, the men we’ve seen – – ohhhh the men!! The stupid pick-up lines we’ve had to hear – it’s the food we share – – the drinks we’ve toasted. It’s the tears and tight hugs. Some how – – we’ve managed to find ourselves ( and worked our way out) of some pretty sticky situations. I can look back and laugh now – – but I can’t help but wonder how in the world we made it out alive.

The Kiwi is different from each of my other best friends. She see’s the world through a different set of designer sun glasses – – she’s careful, calculated and it’s caused her to be the successful powerhouse she is today. You know that entire dream of taking on the corporate world, being a beautiful and successful woman decked out in a power suit – high heels – perfect lipstick and with every hair in tact. For her – – it’s not a dream …. it’s her every day reality. And I’m not naïve – – I know she works her cute behind off, I know it takes strength – it takes sacrifice – – but she does it. And she has and will forever succeed.

To me, she sets her eye on a prize and does whatever it takes to get there. She’s unstoppable. I respect her tenacity  of all of us, I want to believe she’s the most realistic – she doesn’t take anything or any one for granted. She knows that if she wants to get to the top (whatever that may mean) she’s got to fight. And fight she does. She’s the one I go to when I need to get my head out of the clouds. She grounds me and reminds me that we each have a purpose – own it, live it, love it.

When I think about it, she’s my Miranda.

Miranda – as in the sophisticated, sassy and career driven wonder woman of sex and the city. Just like Miranda, Miss Kiwi is very much career driven – she’s adorable – knows what she deserves and will not settle for less. She can be cynical – – but I call it being realistic ;). She’s the practical one in the group, and our needed and ever so necessary voice of rational. She’s loving. She’s bubbly. Modern, yet classy and classic. She’s the exact mix of wit – love and intelligence. I adore her, I really really really do.

And so my little muffin, Happy 25th birthday. Here’s to laughing until we’re old grannies … sitting in Williams, still discussing how messed up girls dress  – commenting on how amazing it would be if Mr. Clooney was our boy toy – – and of course complaining about how twisted our little world is. May we forever request doubles, dance until we need to be dragged home and have each other for support. You’ll always be my little crack monster … I love you and wish you a forever of rainbows, sprinkles, love and kisses.

xoxoxox times infinity

p.s Through writing this post, I’ve discovered we’ve been too busy living life to take pictures together WTF, kiwi – wtf?!?! … I still love you 😉 

Happy 25th Birthday My Angel

I’m lucky enough to have more than one best friend.

I actually have three.

Each of them holds a special place both in my heart and in my life. These three women have seen me at my very best – – and at my very very very worst. And still 10 years later, we stand by each other’s side.

It’s just us, no matter what. Forever. Together to the end.

And today, I dedicate this little note to one of my best friends. My very own angel, on earth. My angel, also known as PandaPants within our little group is celebrating her 25th birthday today. You can ask anyone who knows her personally – she truly is panda-riffic, cute – cuddly and she gives the very best hugs!! She’s smart – she’s beautiful – she’s hard-working – determined – strong ( I could go on forever!!) … heck, if I were a guy I would marry her in an instant knowing I would forever live happily ever after.

She’s the type of young woman, everyone wants as a best friend. Always willing to go that extra mile to make you smile, she wipes my tears when I’m sad – she makes me pee my pants laughing at our stupid antics. She’s holds my hand when I’m scared and gives me the confidence to be a better person each and everyday. She truly is my angel. And though, I would do absolutely  anything to keep her in a bubble – – so no one could or would ever hurt her – – I know she’s an amazing woman and can definitely hold her own.

I admire your will power, and your tenacity to always be the very best you. I love your witty remarks, and your snappy little come backs. I love how you’re a beautiful person both inside and out. I admire your kind heart, and your willingness to rid the world of evil. I cherish you more than you’ll ever know. You truly are my little angel, always guiding me – protecting me – taking care of my every desire.  Thank you. Thank you a million-billion-zillion-trillion times over and to the moon and back twice (lol that’s a lot :P)

The two of us have grown up together, making mistakes , laughing until we cry and crying until we laugh. I am so proud to call her my best friend.

Panda & Me, just lunching like two ladies do

Today my panda – on your 25th birthday… I wish you happiness that lasts forever … I wish that you always have a reason to smile … and that our friendship lasts until we are old grannies, gossiping over coffee (not that we don’t already do that 😉 lol). I wish you love, that gives you silly giggles. I wish you warm cuddly hugs — I’ll always be here to give them – – even if I randomly attack you and hug you 🙂 lol.  I wish you good health, I wish you’re always surround by a wealth of friends. I wish you sprinkles that glitter like the starts and extra chocolate, so delicious you feel like you’ve just left willy-wonka’s chocolate factory.

Sweet Kisses

I also wish that we always laugh together, always have random desert nights at Williams. I wish that we can always call each other sisters, instead of just friends. I wish we get the chance to see each other take over the world, even if just in our own little ways. I wish us both a lifetime of late night dancing – make ups – break ups – mess ups and hook ups. But most of all… I wish us a forever,  that mimics the past 10 years.

You mean the world to me. And so, my live (lol :P) – – Happy Happy Happy 25th birthday. Cheers to our good times, cheers to the nights that we’ve spent complaining to each other, cheers to our hits and misses. Cheers to another 100 years of being the very best of friends. I love you, and would gladly keep you forever 😉