Making Dough — Cookbook Review … and I made Croissants

When I first got the e-mail to review this book, I thought it was a joke. I thought it was spam … but i wanted it to be real soooo badly that I provided all of the required information, and remained hopeful.


When the book Making Dough by Russell Van Kraayenburg showed up at my door step, again, I thought it was a joke. Hah, me? – review a cookbook, an actual cookbook with amazing pictures, and recipes, test out, and give my opinion on someones labour of love – stepping into their shoes and experimenting with their baking journey. Me, are you sure?!?!  

I knew i had a great task at hand.

I was honored.


So first, thank you Quirk Books, Pinguin Random House Canada and Russell … can I call you Russel, like we’re friends?!?!

IMG_9566 IMG_9806

I cracked open the book, loving the sound of that spine cracking and the smell of fresh pages. In the most ironic possible way … the book was “recipes and ratios for perfect pastries” hahaha … good joke. Remember how I’m crazy scared of pastries … again, was someone playing a joke on me?!?!

I thought though, this was my chance, this would actually be a true test of this book. I’m not a dainty baker, ask me to dump cake batter in a pan and bake it, done — ask me to scoop out cookies on tray suuuuurrreee … ask me to make a soufflé-fra-li-lah … yea, no, not happening. I normally put pastries/ doughs under that “ soufflé-fra-li-lah” category.


As I skimmed through the book, divided by 12 key dough recipes I realized, I’m actually a big huge liar … I’m not actually scared of pastires, according to Russell’s book, I’ve actually made tons of pastries!! Scones, done it – Biscuits, nailed it … and the idea that Gnocchi is a type of Pate A Choux excited me … I thought, you know what, I can totally do this.

And then I decided to make croissants.

And not just any old kind of croissants, but poolish croissants – promised as a more “yeasty flavoured” croissant.

Review of the book:

My first reaction was, its beautiful. I flipped through the pages drooling and intrigued by recipes like Bourbon-Maple Glazed Cheddar Bacon Biscuits, Blueberry Mascarpone Hand pies and Salted Caramel Eclairs topped with Salted Caramel Popcorn … 2 words: I.DIE.  I knew it would be tough to narrow down exactly what I was going to bake.

As I continued reading, I realized this wasn’t just a cookbook – and in fact if I were to give it an alternate title – I would call it “ The Theory of Dough” the time, patience and detail included in each of the steps, the explanations included in how your dough should look as you progress through a recipe, the attention to explaining each component of your masterpiece it definitely gave me a new perspective on baking.


Quite often, baking is compared to science – and I suppose it is ( although i was NEVER good at science) Russell’s book is a true testament to the science of baking. I wouldn’t say it’s overly technical, but it is extremely detailed. I would deem it a baking textbook, one that every ambitious baker should have on their shelf. There is a lot to learn, and Russell makes it easy to do so.

I would definitely refer Making Dough to a seasoned baker; while the steps included are clear and easy to follow – I found that a lot of the required tools ( a kitchen scale, candy thermometer, marble slab) just aren’t tools a home bakers like myself have on hand ( hehe … this could DEFINITELY be a hint to that Santa!!). I also found it challenging to work with weight measurements as opposed to cups, tablespoons and teaspoons.


For those who are new to the baking game, I think this book could serve as a great method to learn the ins-and-outs of how to be a great baker … I would definitely package this book with a couple items – a food scale, thermometer, pastry brush and ruler … hhheeellllloooo foodie gift basket!! 

Baking from the book:

First … look what I made!!

IMG_9878 IMG_9872

Croissants are NOT an easy feat – I must say, this recipe has taken my baking ambition to a whole new level. I’m going to deem this a win, as a first time try but honestly, I probably won’t be making croissants again in a while.


They.take.SO.long. either that, or I just lack any sort of patients!! The result was a flakey pastry and buttery center – worth the 26 hours …. Mmmm … for the smell of my home; yes – for how they actually turned out, not so much. I must have done something wrong ( and it’s very possible …) my croissants were heavy, not light and fluffy as I hoped. They also baked a lot faster than the suggested 45 minutes. While the tops were golden brown, the bottoms were toasted – not burnt, but definitely more cooked than probably necessary.

Baking from the book was relatively easy – the instructions provided are clear, and detailed. One thing that definitely stood out ( and maybe this was based on the recipe that I choose) I continuously had to flip back and forth to reference other information; as well, as I mentioned before, some of the tools required, I just didn’t have and I ended up improvising.


There are a ton of other recipes I would like to try. Overall, I would say Making Dough is a keeper – ideal for any seasoned baker as a Christmas present; and a new adventure for novice bakers such as myself.


Triple Whammy Cookbook Giveaway * Win Win Winnnnnerrr

Win, Win, Winnnnaaa.

We have ourselves a winnnnneerrrr sugar pies


*cue the fireworks and marching band*

But first I have to say something really really really important. And it’s about YOU. So you’ll want to listen up.

I want to THANK YOU for the tremendous amount of entries in the Triple Whammy Cookbook Giveaway. 67 – That’s a HUGE deal to me!! I swear only my mom read this blog, to know there are so many more … it means the world to me. So thank you a million times over, to the moon and back – – twice.

… with a cherry on top, an extra scoop of ice cream and sprinkles.

Really – – it’s HUGE and I’m both thankful and humbled. You kids rock my socks.

Also, it was great fun reading all of your entries. I hope you all get to fulfil your bucket list goals … some of you are well on your way and I wish you the very best of luck!! I can’t wait to comment on each of your entires – – and I will.

Now… I think I’ve made you wait long enough 😀  

The Winner of our Triple Whammy Cookbook Giveaway is, number 47!! 


Woooohoooo … Please check your e-mail, as I have sent you the details about how you will be receiving your brand-spankin new cookbooks!! Something tells me your Monday just got a little sweeter. Trust me when I say, these cookbooks are PHENONMENAL … I’d love to hear what you end up making!! If possible, take pictures and send them to me.

… speaking of which – I’m thinking about starting a Sugar wall, where I post pictures that you guys send me of all the goodies you make. – Let me know what you think.

Well cupcakes, that’s all for today – – if you didn’t win this time … stay tuned. I have a funny feeling there will be another one … very soon 🙂

Have a delicious week my loves


My Little Happy Place and a Triple Whammy Cookbook Giveaway

I’m sitting here writing today’s blog post from a very special place…

My kitchen.

Yes – I just said My kitchen. Now, I’m sure you’re not surprised, as most food bloggers hold their kitchen near and dear to their hearts.

It’s their playground of butter, sugar, flour – where creativity takes wind and they become a culinary magician.

My kitchen – – it’s a big deal.

Except today … my kitchen, isn’t Mama and Papa LTSL’s kitchen – – it’s actually

MY kitchen.

That’s right cupcakes – – I BOUGHT A KITCHEN!! … of course, there is an entire condo attached to it – – but none of that matters (… much).

Being that I celebrated a very significant birthday this year, I wanted to do something really special for myself. I had been saving and saving … I tossed around a million and one ideas of what to do and then I realized, all along this has been my dream.

By no means do I feel like I’m getting old or into that phase where everyone begins to mention the “M –word” *gag* , in fact many have claimed I’m extremely young to have my very own condo ( that looks so weird seeing it in writing :D)  – – but before settling down I have a bit of a to do list that I want to get done.

 It’s a list that comprises of things that I need to do for myself – before I can share my life with someone else … lucky for me Mr. LTSL gets it.

He just gets it.

The list covers everything from travel, to career opportunities to owning my very own condo.

And so – – I did it 😀

And I love it.

And it was HARD work – – remember when I said I needed some time away from life, let’s just say things were not going as smoothly with all of my condo plans. But now, that is well behind me and I sit here in my clubhouse 🙂

This is a big deal for me, it reminds me that hard work does pay off – it reminds me the importance of family and the necessity of being independent and chasing your dreams.

But there’s big things for you too!! Because I love you all – – and know that the support I have received from you is irreplaceable – – I’ve got some goodies to thank you!! 

You know how I’ve been carrying on an on and on about the amazingness that is Joy Wilson – – I’m sharing the love and her coolness ( seriously, it’s far too much for me NOT to share her … I secretly – not so secretly – want to be her BFF and drink brown butter for the rest of my life)

Also, all the cool kids are playing with Amy Atlas’s Book – – so hhheerrreee yooouuu go. If you look up design genius in the old dictionary you’ll see a picture of Amy. She’s cute huh? Well her book rocks my socks from here to the moon and back…. twice.

Last – – sit down for this one – I’ve had this cookbook on pre-order since the lovely Lindsay said she was releasing a cookbook. I counted down the days until it hit the shelf and when the package arrive I did the msn banana dance (you know the one I’m talking about). I’ve looked through this book drooling and dreaming about


I have nightmares that the cookie monster and I will fight over the goodies that I conjure up when this book and I make sweet sweet love.

You want it.

You need it.

Here. You . go.

Please note anyone / everyone can enter.

Please leave a separate comment for each step that you take

Please also provide a valid e-mail address for me to contact le winner.

It’s easy-peasy … there are 5 different steps to take to get these babies in your hands.  You can do just one – or every single one 🙂

You will have until Midnight on Friday June 22, 2012

1)      Answer the following question “ what is one thing on your personal bucket list that you would like to accomplish and when”

2)      Answer the following question “ what was your first big purchase?”

3)      Follow @LivinLovinSweet on twitter

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5)      Tweet the following  ” OH MY CUPCAKES!! Gimme Gimme Gimme … I want to win The @livinLovinSweet triple whammy cookbook giveaway: ‎ “

Good Luck Cupcakes, have a lovely weekend 


Thank You for being SO Fantastically-Amazing :)

Why Hellooo there Good Looking,

Guess what?











… yepp, everything you see there, can be yours 🙂

Dear You,

I need you in my life. I’m over joyed when you comment on my blog. I fall head over heels for you, when you talk food to me on twitter – – and when you actually make the recipes I ramble on about – – for the love of cupcakes, I pretty much want to kiss you !! *I won’t just in case things get a little creepy …. *

To thank you for being such a fantastically-amazing-cool reader, following me on twitter and being SO INCREDIBLY supportive of The Living The Sweet Life Blog it’s about time that I do something for you!!

You have been able to make my dreams of being a foodie come true. How many other people do you know that has the chance to cook/bake , and then share all the happiness with you?!?!

I now have an avenue to share my silly antics, complain when life just isn’t so sweet – experiment with my baking and – – the best part of it all …. we’ve become pretty spanky friends!!




seriously … thank you times a million-billion times over to the moon and back!!

It’s the little things you do that make me feel so special;

It’s when you comment on a blog post.

It’s when you retweet me 

When you follow me on twitter.

It’s the e-mails you asking questions about a recipe, and letting me know your family just fell in love with a new dish.

It’s the pictures you send me. I especially loved the ones of your kids scarfing down cookies ;).

….. do you realize how much this ALL means to me?!?!

– put it this way, if I could reach through the computer screen and give you a hug – I would.

If I could send you a hundred dozen cookies, it would happen in a second. 

I truly love you and appreciate the fact that you read my blabber – – I know sometimes (all the times) I may seem a little loopy,  and yes I suppose I maybe an obsessive peanut butter eater – – it’s possible that may I have a cookie problem – – but at least we can share all of these “special” quirks together ;).

And so, I thank you!! But it doesn’t end there …. I want to send you one dozen cookies.

Roasted Almond Dark Chocolate Chunk Coconut Cookies aka RAD Triple C

cookies to be exact … I also want you to have a copy of

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You know you want it 


I want to give it to you!!

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Contest open to all in North America and will run from today to the end of day Sunday April 29th 2012.

* Don’t forget to leave a comment once you’ve done each of the above* 

Good Luck Sweethearts – this is for all the love you’ve shown me.

I promise the continue sprinkling sugar across the land, sending sweetness far and wide 😉