Wisdomist Wednesday : Hugs


I’m a firm believer that so much can be expressed through simple gestures – a smile, waving to someone, saying good morning, a quick text message — seriously, as silly as it may sound, I know for a fact that it can turn someone’s day around.

That’s exactly how I feel about hugs. I know I’ve ranted on-and-on about how I’m stressed out lately with work and life in general. I’ve tried writing and giving myself pep-talks – there’s just something about a hug.


It’s not a solution to all problems, but it’s such an amazing band-aid.

I’m lucky that I surround myself with people that I actually want to hug – people that I believe deserve my hugs ( I don’t do anything special, my hugs are just warm .. .they mean something) When I’m giving you a hug , whether in person or a *hug* over text message, what I’m actually saying is

I love you

be proud of yourself – I’m proud of you

you’re winning life – even if you can’t see it right now

I’m here for you, all of you – the sweet – sassy and insane

And when people hug me, it stands for me letting my guard down – it’s me welcoming you into my space to either celebrate or commiserate. It’s me wanting comfort, understanding, acceptance, it’s a chance for me to release my emotions … it’s both a silent scream of excitement and me bawling for a release.

My ladies, my  mom, my dad and my amazing husband – whether in person, or electronically … I never want to stop hugging you.

Wisdomist Wednesday : Daughter of a King

I grew up in the best household ever.

It’s true.

Though we weren’t royalty inside our four walls, My mom was a queen – my dad a king – my brother a prince & I, a princess.

We were a family.

Added to our kingdom is my knight in shining armour.

A unit , in solidarity through the good, bad, hilarious and heart wrenching.

I have a very special relationship with each part of my monarchy. I still speak with my mom daily .. normally a couple of times a day. My brother and I text each other all the time … even if it’s the most random picture or just something to make each other laugh. My knight in shining armour – he’s my greatest asset, and my greatest challenge that I would be nothing without. And my dad … I have the best super-hero dad in the world.

Last night, after a crazy day I got a text message. It was from my pop-sicle. It simply said

“I love you, you’re beautiful and your ambition can drown the sea”.

I sat there a literally bawled. Not because I was sad, but because I’m lucky – in fact blessed to have such an amazing human being part of my life. My dad is my rock, he’s what i think not just every man should be, but every person. His honesty, sincerity and kind heart … he rightfully deserves the title of superdad.


He’s not just a father, but a dad. There’s a difference. Even with the physical distance between us, he still makes me laugh – he puts a smile on my face – he listens, understands and is my defense when I feel like my back is against a wall. Sometimes, I don’t give this man enough credit … in fact, I never give him enough credit. He’s damn skippy and I love him, and can’t thank him enough for the example he set, nor for the woman he has shaped me to be.

Wisdomist Wednesday : Change

I’ve never really kept it a secret how close I am to my family.

We’re ridiculously, almost obnoxiously close .. but I love it.

My mom, dad, brother and I have more than anything else grown up together. My parents are fairly young, considering how old my brother and I are and I think that’s caused us to have a huge reliance on one-another.

They are very much my toughest critic as well as my biggest fan.

Before getting married, I was so scared all of this would change. I knew I was marrying the man of my dreams, and he is so much more than I could ever ask for.

But lately, even as I have everything – and life is pretty damn good.

I’ve missed home. A lot.

I talk to my parents, and brother daily – we see each other often …

I think the difference is, at home now … it’s so quiet. With Mr. LTSL and I having full time jobs, and us both living for evenings and weekends to just relax… I think the quietness and slow-paced nature away from work, is just something I have to get used to.

I’ve found myself having time to do other things, a whole lot more baking ( which I stinking LOVE), catch up on t.v shows … I’ve started watching Orange is the new black – I love it, but also kind of get squirmish … I’m a baby – mehh.  But besides that … that’s all I do. The mister looks forward to kicking back, sleeping in late, playing video games … and maybe going out … maybe.

I want to stinking be out all the time. While I lived with my parents, we were always doing stuff … and not even crazy stuff .. just the usual; groceries, going on picnics, visiting family; nothing fancy, nothing crazy … we were always just busy.

How strange would it be if I went out alone … I actually feel a little guilty doing that, mister man, would just rather relax at home, he IS very much a homebody. And I appreciate that, there are days where I just want to sit around in my PJs and watch meaningless TV – but then there are days, that I just want to go out, for a walk … living in the gorgeous city that I live in means there’s ALWAYS something going on.

It’s strange, I miss the chaos – I miss having something to always do – I miss running downstairs to the kitchen always being busy, or my parents sitting there sipping on their morning coffee.


This is real life, isn’t it. I should appreciate this all, shouldn’t I. Maybe this is a lesson – a lesson to appreciate my family more and the time Mr. LTSL and I have together. Maybe I should stop complaining and ride this roller-coaster of change.

Happy Birthday To My Main Hype-Man!!

Happy Birthday Pop-sicle!!

Today, My Main Hype-Man – – my dad is celebrating his birthday!!

Yahooo * Cake * Balloons *Dinner out among the city lights!!

Many people say, they have an amazing dad – – and they’re probably right, but MY dad – – He’s EXCEPTIONALLY-AMAZINGLY-FANTASTICALLY-COOL!! Look at those sunglasses, can he BE any cooler?!?! I love this man. Really. No one can, or ever will compare.

He’s patient.

He’s funny.

He’s far too caring.

He loves endlessly and without judgement.

He wears his heart on his sleeve and would turn the world upside down for those he cares about most.

My every dream and wish whether to take over the world or to stay in bed all day, is supported by him and I can not thank him enough. He makes me proud to be his daughter and gives me faith that there are actually good men out there. He never disappoints and I would never want to disappoint him.

I know we have a pretty special relationship as father and daughter. When I was little, I would look up to him in amazement knowing that no matter what – he could fix anything. And he did. I’m able to talk to him about things no one else would ever understand. He allows me to dream big and never settle until I’ve touched the stars. I know im gloating  – – but he completely amazes me 🙂

The First MANY Father-Daughter Tequila Shots in Cancun

So, here’s to you my pop-sicle – – Happy Birthday!!

Thank you for being my super hero every single day. Thank you for each laugh we share, each time you wiped my tears,  and your constant support. You’re SUCH a good man. I don’t know how you do it. But I thank you forever and ever to the moon and back – twice.

I love you Dad – you will forever be my main man – and I will forever be your little princess.

Happy Birthday you Crazy Crazy Man - - you make my life perfect!