Wisdomist Wednesday : Be Happy

70fdb123286beeaee96f19157a77ab5dBe Happy.

It’s a choice.

Things don’t make people happy.

Situations don’t define your happiness.

People have no right to have the power over your feelings.

It’s a choice.

Your choice.

Choose to be happy today, choose to spread happiness.

Don’t focus on that which is easy to complain about, instead reassess what good will come from it.

It’s a tough lesson, one that I think many struggle with … even me. Especially me.

It’s the perfectionist in me.

But I think the trick is, acceptance; accepting what you can control and realizing that the world isn’t on your shoulders.

Accept, that you have a lot to be thankful for – that somewhere out there someone is in fact wishing for your worst day.

Today, choose to be happy.

Choose to smile, and sparkle the world with your laugh.



Wisdomist Wednesday : Love



As soon as I saw today’s wisdom, I loved it.

Seriously, today’s the day

your day

the day, you shower the world with a little lovin’