Wisdomist Wednesday : Happy Canada’s Day


Happy 148th Birthday, you beautiful Son-of-a-gun.

As much as I brag about living in my favourite city in the world. Seriously, being Canadian trumps it all.

I couldn’t be more proud of what we stand for as a country.

I couldn’t be more proud, that we’re known for being too kind ( how is that even a thing?!?) and that we have the greatest population of all races and religions. Like any country, yes we have flaws … but the true north strong and free shines, none the less.

Happy Birthday Canada!!

Happy One Year Blog-iversary

Happy Blog-iversay… Happy Blog-iversary… Happy Blog-iversary to yoouuu and to meee!!

That was me, singing to you.  I’m either doing one of two things right now … I’m bowing as you throw flowers at me – – or (more than likely to be the case) I’m running away in utter shame. But that’s why I love you guys … you put up with my silly shenanigans and make me feel like what I do is somewhat normal.

Thank you.


Guess what? Guess who’s one year old today?! WE ARE?! – – not me and you as people, but me and you as blog buddies. Living The Sweet Life Blog has been chatting, charming and hopefully filling your tummies with delicious food for one full year. I feel like a proud sugar mama ( except not in a sugar mama sort of way …. Awkward).


And while I’m not giving away a Kitchen Aid Mixer (Bloggers, how do you do this?!? …. Kitchen Aid Canada – – help an Ontario sister out!!) I do have to thank you .. and I have a funny feeling, there will be a giveaway soon *cough November cough*

In the meantime, all I can do is THANK YOU.

Yes, you – – you sitting there reading this.  You that comments  on the recipes, asks questions and e-mails me pictures of your delicious treats. Thank you for laughing at my corny jokes … and for sitting tight when life just wasn’t so sweet.  Thank you for being both my therapist and my platform to just runaway to a Sugarland.

Not too long ago, I took a chance by introducing myself to you – – I opened you up to my life and invited you into my playground … my kitchen. I started off with poor pictures, and having no idea what in the world I was doing. Little did I know, I was taking the first step towards my sweetest dreams. Over the past year,  I’ve made great friends – – gone on amazing adventures, taken on new baking challenges, connected with individuals far and wide, and felt supported beyond belief. All over my true love – – being in my kitchen and baking.

Thank you.


You, my readers both astonish and humble me. I always thought, just my mom would read this blog … you know because she had to. I now sit here with subscribers, twitter followers, Facebook Page Lovers and regular commenters. What the cupcakes?!? – – me?

Thank you.

It’s a big deal. A huge deal. You are all a huge deal.  My very first comment blew me away. Someone, somewhere wanted to hear what I had to say … and they cared. They cared so much so that they wanted to comment. The network and community I’ve built around Living The Sweet Life never ceases to amaze me – – it means more to me than anyone would ever know and I thank you all from the very bottom of my heart. You have made my life sweeter and more fulfilling than any sugar high.

Thank you.

For doing all that you do, I promise you that LTSL has only begun. I will be featuring more delicious recipes, quick and simple answers to your sweet cravings. I promise more giveaways, blog spot lights, more product reviews and a couple of weekly series that you will have complete control over. I’ve only accomplished this year because of you.

Thank you.


I am lucky to be doing what I get to do – I thank you for joining me on this journey and welcoming me with open arms into your hearts and homes. You truly are irreplaceable and without sounding  completely like a Hallmark card – – I love you all.

Living the sweet life, may just be the name of my blog … but I truly am Living The sweetest life