Thank You for being SO Fantastically-Amazing :)

Why Hellooo there Good Looking,

Guess what?











… yepp, everything you see there, can be yours 🙂

Dear You,

I need you in my life. I’m over joyed when you comment on my blog. I fall head over heels for you, when you talk food to me on twitter – – and when you actually make the recipes I ramble on about – – for the love of cupcakes, I pretty much want to kiss you !! *I won’t just in case things get a little creepy …. *

To thank you for being such a fantastically-amazing-cool reader, following me on twitter and being SO INCREDIBLY supportive of The Living The Sweet Life Blog it’s about time that I do something for you!!

You have been able to make my dreams of being a foodie come true. How many other people do you know that has the chance to cook/bake , and then share all the happiness with you?!?!

I now have an avenue to share my silly antics, complain when life just isn’t so sweet – experiment with my baking and – – the best part of it all …. we’ve become pretty spanky friends!!




seriously … thank you times a million-billion times over to the moon and back!!

It’s the little things you do that make me feel so special;

It’s when you comment on a blog post.

It’s when you retweet me 

When you follow me on twitter.

It’s the e-mails you asking questions about a recipe, and letting me know your family just fell in love with a new dish.

It’s the pictures you send me. I especially loved the ones of your kids scarfing down cookies ;).

….. do you realize how much this ALL means to me?!?!

– put it this way, if I could reach through the computer screen and give you a hug – I would.

If I could send you a hundred dozen cookies, it would happen in a second. 

I truly love you and appreciate the fact that you read my blabber – – I know sometimes (all the times) I may seem a little loopy,  and yes I suppose I maybe an obsessive peanut butter eater – – it’s possible that may I have a cookie problem – – but at least we can share all of these “special” quirks together ;).

And so, I thank you!! But it doesn’t end there …. I want to send you one dozen cookies.

Roasted Almond Dark Chocolate Chunk Coconut Cookies aka RAD Triple C

cookies to be exact … I also want you to have a copy of

The Treats Truck Baking Book

because this book is ohhh soooo sweeeeetttt!! If you’re in need of a sweet treat – – this is your go to book!!

and last but not least, how can I expect you to spread the sweetness without a little bit of baking equipment?

I’ve got

Fancy-Pants Measuring Spoons

for you 🙂

You know you want it 


I want to give it to you!!

I promised when I got to 100 twitter followers, I would host this contest – – now there are 134 of you sugar-muffins that have joined in on all the fun. If I haven’t already said thank you ….









You’ve got 4 chances to win this little package – – please leave me a comment and letting me know you’ve done each of the following:

1) Let me know, How do YOU live the sweet life?

2) Follow me on twitter @LivinLovinSweet

3) Retweet the following ;

“I’m so spanky & deserve to win @LivinLovinSweet ‘s very 1st giveaway ( ) because I live a damn sweet life”

4) Subscribe to The Living The Sweet Life Blog

Contest open to all in North America and will run from today to the end of day Sunday April 29th 2012.

* Don’t forget to leave a comment once you’ve done each of the above* 

Good Luck Sweethearts – this is for all the love you’ve shown me.

I promise the continue sprinkling sugar across the land, sending sweetness far and wide 😉