Wisdomist Wednesday : Spring Time



Dudes and dudettes ….

I’m SO ready for spring!! Ironically, last Friday … the first day of spring – I crashed with the flu.

The flu.

In March.


I was all – cough cough – warm blankets – crazy hair – snooze control. Seriously, I was all 7 dwarfs rolled into one!!

Thankfully, through amazing babysitting from Mr. LTSL ( it was babysitting … he was all – eat your veggies, don’t stay up to late … and I was all like –  and crazy amounts of Gatorade I’m much better. Annnnnddd now all I want is sun sun sunsssshhhhiiiinnne.

I already have huge spring plans, first – loose the million layers and dark colours I seem to always be wearing.

I want floral – I want flowy – I want bright.

Bring on the walks in the park – fresh markets and heeeeellllllloooo food festivals.

There’s already so much going on in Toronto – fashion week just finished, underground foodcentric partaaays, St. Lawrence Market ( not that I need it to be spring time, but it makes walking there so much nicer). I’m reeeeeaaaaaaddddddyyyyy for it all!!

I sound like a brat in today’s post … sorry for the squealing and ranting. I’m just over winter, it’s so 2014 – aren’t you craving patios, sunglasses, pretty tulips, lemon desserts and sangria’s ?!?