Wisdomist Wednesday : Family

I try my best to be as thankful as possible daily … but today, I’m a little bit more thankful.

Thankful for my family.


Last week, we had a death in the family overseas … my mom flew out literally as soon as she could. But it was too late. Before boarding she knew she was walking into a disaster zone, she was prepared. She was aware.

Literally an hour before she landed, my uncle passed away. I wish I was there with my mom, I know I couldn’t have changed the situation, but just to hold her; and hold her hand for the entire week. I know this hasn’t been easy for her; to be honest, she was sad that her brother passed away, but before leaving home, she had began preparing herself.

It was the details to follow, the situation at hand, circumstances and pain. It truly is sad. Gathered together, was as much family that could make the trip; prayers have been flowing from all over the world; my uncle’s immediate family is well supported and the prayers will continue for a long time.

I’m terribly worried about my grandpa and how he’s coping with this. How do you come to terms with loosing your eldest child? I’m terribly worried about my other uncles, aunts & cousins. There are truly only a couple things we can do, speak of the good times and pray.

I’m SO HAPPY my mom be home tonight. While we live just about an hour apart, knowing she’s back gives me a sense of peace, she’s back in an arena that I can help support her. I can hold her, comfort her, make her laugh.

Hug your loved ones a little tighter today, tell them you love them as much as you can, appreciate the time you have together.

Wisdomist Wednesday : Daughter of a King

I grew up in the best household ever.

It’s true.

Though we weren’t royalty inside our four walls, My mom was a queen – my dad a king – my brother a prince & I, a princess.

We were a family.

Added to our kingdom is my knight in shining armour.

A unit , in solidarity through the good, bad, hilarious and heart wrenching.

I have a very special relationship with each part of my monarchy. I still speak with my mom daily .. normally a couple of times a day. My brother and I text each other all the time … even if it’s the most random picture or just something to make each other laugh. My knight in shining armour – he’s my greatest asset, and my greatest challenge that I would be nothing without. And my dad … I have the best super-hero dad in the world.

Last night, after a crazy day I got a text message. It was from my pop-sicle. It simply said

“I love you, you’re beautiful and your ambition can drown the sea”.

I sat there a literally bawled. Not because I was sad, but because I’m lucky – in fact blessed to have such an amazing human being part of my life. My dad is my rock, he’s what i think not just every man should be, but every person. His honesty, sincerity and kind heart … he rightfully deserves the title of superdad.


He’s not just a father, but a dad. There’s a difference. Even with the physical distance between us, he still makes me laugh – he puts a smile on my face – he listens, understands and is my defense when I feel like my back is against a wall. Sometimes, I don’t give this man enough credit … in fact, I never give him enough credit. He’s damn skippy and I love him, and can’t thank him enough for the example he set, nor for the woman he has shaped me to be.

Wisdomist Wednesday : Existing

Remember how I told you guys a little while ago that one of my stress buster tactics is writing – that I’ve started keeping a journal. I’m doing pretty well to be honest. I don’t commit to writing every day … it’s not supposed to be a chore – it’s supposed to be my escape. And I think it’s worked .. although, sometimes I still find myself picking up the phone for advice – but seriously, what else are family and friends for?!?!

This morning, as I drank my coffee – I sat down to write. And there and then, I made a conscious decision that today – instead of complaining about the poop that floats around life … I’m instead going to make a list of everything that I’m thankful for. I felt better after seeing how long my list was!! Some of the things I included ;

  •  Waking up this morning to a warm happy home
  • Getting to kiss my husband goodbye every morning while he’s still semi-asleep
  • Hearing my mom laugh
  • Being healthy
  • Having a job
  • Living in a city that’s safe enough, where I can walk down the street without worry
  • Best friends that laugh me out of being stressed
  • Good hot chocolate

I read a hashtag on Instagram a little while ago that I completely fell in love with … it was #TooBlessedToBeStressed – LOVE IT!! Sometimes, we just need to acknowledge that just existing is something kind of fantastic !!

I’m glad you exist … I like you!!

And you should you glad that you exist … you’re pretty gnarly!!


Good pep talk peeps … have a lovely Wednesday. I’m sprinkling love all over your world today ❤