Sunday’s With Joy : Blueberry Orange Almond Waffles

Would it be strange that I’m about to admit the best waffles I’ve ever made are actually pancakes – – confused? I don’t blame you.

It’s a double whammy SWJ week… I juuuust happened to miss the weekend when we were all supposed to make these little delights, and because I’m a blueberry feen and breakfast is my favourite meal of the day – –  I began having nightmares when I missed making Joy’s Blueberry Orange Pancakes.

I knew I needed a little blueberry-orange love in my life.

And it’s always a good time for breakfast. Always. Especially pancakes. Or in this case … waffles.

And sooooo … I sprinkled some joy into my life and took her ever so amazing pancake recipe – – and made waffles.


That’s how good they are. Totally cap-lock worthy, and you must say it all in one breath.

Let’s just get down to business….

Blueberry Orange Almond Waffles

  1. There are fireworks going off all around the kitchen at this point – the smell alone will knock your socks to the moon and back!!

Do I hear waffles for dinner tonight? – tomorrow’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, mid-day snack …. All of the above??!?! I like the way you think!!

Enjoy my loves