Wisdomist Wednesday: The Strength of a Woman

00ab6af3d9d0de0c993fa277e54ebae2My best friends

My Aunts

My Cousins

My Mother

My Grandmother

Thank you for being the strongest of women in my eyes.

Thank you for taking on this royally messed up world, and laughing with it, playing with fire and owning who you are. You inspire me. You give me hope.

I remember in my early teens someone told me I’d be doing the most growing up over the next couple of years. To be honest, I can’t remember who said it … but they lied.

I would actually argue that my most growing up has been happening through the latter half of my 20’s. This sort of growing up, has little to do with my physical appearance ( Note: yesterday I noticed I had more grey hair than ever before … WTF?!? … I’m tempted to pull a Nicole Richie and go soft purple #DramaQueen) but emotionally, and mentally ; I feel like what I want out of life, what I stand for, my personal value, and  the role I play in this seriously psychotic world are being redefined and rediscovered.

It’s both a scary and exciting feeling. I’ve come to accept that sometimes life can be a bed of roses, take the time to appreciate and smell each one of them; in that moment be thankful. And when life is straight up crap, we’re all stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Once upon a time I used to think this strength was in a way, a sign of weakness, of not wanting to deal with reality, in a way “ignorance is bliss”… it’s not weakness. It’s care. Love. It’s the little girl in me who still believes that everything around us can still be happily ever after … it’s not naivety, but hope.

I’m sure if I look back 10 years from now, I’ll think … darling, you have no idea … your 30’s are really where you grow!! For all the women out there, muscle up; give yourself the credit you so well deserve, you may not know it, but you’re holding it all together.